Game of Thrones star teases Jaime Lannister’s next move

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau shared his thoughts on his character's future after season 7

Jaime Lannister

*Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 7 to follow*


Jaime Lannister finally clocked on to his sister’s devious ways and left her kingdom in the season finale of Game of Thrones season 7 – but what next for the kingslayer?

Speaking to Huffington Post, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau said that he reckons his character is going “North to join up with Jon Snow and the folks up there”, meaning that a Jon Snow-Jaime Lannister bromance may be a possibility in the final season.

“Well, it’s not Jon anymore, it’s Aegon Targaryen,” he said. “So I actually killed his grandfather [Aerys] — so I killed her father and his grandfather. It’s going to be such a wonderful reunion.”

He seemed more excited, however, about another potential meeting.

“The one thing that would be cool — I would love Jaime to meet Bran Stark. If nothing else just to say, ‘Sorry, kid’. And then Bran can say, ‘No, don’t worry. If you hadn’t done that I wouldn’t be the all-seeing Three-Eyed Raven’. And Jaime could go, ‘Oh, great! Well, good.'”

He also shared his views on THAT long-expected hook-up in the final scenes of the finale.

“It was a great sequence. It’s beautiful they cut to that and then Jon and Daenerys having sex because I feel like, on behalf of the original twincest couple, it was a beautiful irony that their story turned out to be aunt and nephew,” he said.

“So Dany is f***ing the nephew. I thought that was a beautiful moment in Game of Thrones history,” he added.


Game of Thrones will return for its final season some time in 2019, probably