Emmerdale: Robert’s twisted scheme to be revealed?

Will Emma discover that he's been drugging Lawrence?


Is Robert Sugden’s sick scheme to incapacitate Lawrence White about to be discovered on next week’s Emmerdale?


As viewers know, Robert has been unscrupulously drugging the Home Farm patriarch as he bids to take over both the business and the stately home.

But it’ll be panic stations for the duplicitous Mr Sugden when medics get involved with an ailing Lawrence.


The upcoming drama sees Rebecca tearfully confiding in Robert her worries about both the state of her dad’s health and the company.

Robert feigns sympathy and tries to dissuade her from taking Lawrence to see a doctor, saying that he’ll sort the situation out.

But Rebecca’s fears are worsened when she later catches Lawrence drinking and is then told by Emma that she needs to seek professional help after he falls asleep in the cafe.

In the end, Rebecca reveals that she’s called the doctor for Lawrence, a move that leaves Robert fearful that his own unorthodox brand of medical intervention will be exposed.

Deciding to take action, Robert turns up at the surgery, bluffing that he’s there on Rebecca’s behalf. He enquires about Lawrence’s blood samples and Emma tells him that they haven’t yet been sent off – all of which gives Robert an idea.

Just what is Robert going to do? And will Emma be the one to catch him up to no good?

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