EastEnders twist: who was Phil calling? Here’s Jamie Borthwick’s theory!

The actor speculates on tonight's shock cliffhanger


EastEnders fans have been left with a whopper of a cliffhanger to contend with tonight thanks to a mysterious phone call made by hard man Phil Mitchell.


A special two-hander episode saw Phil tell Jay that his dad was actually the homeless man who lost his life in the car lot of 1994 –  only for a last-minute twist to then cast doubt on his confession.

Fans of the soap saw Jay left reeling after he was informed that the late Jase Dyer was not his biological father – his real old man being Alan Hall, the casualty of the blaze orchestrated by Phil back in the mid-1990s.

Jay then accused Phil of merely trying to assuage his own feelings of guilt before storming off, implying as he left that he now wanted to seek revenge. But, sitting alone, Phil was then seen by viewers making a clandestine phone call and telling the person on the other end of the line that he’d feed Jay “the whole pack of lies”.

So who was Phil talking to? “First, let me say, that I really don’t know,” actor Jamie Borthwick (Jay) told RadioTimes.com tonight. “But my guess is that it’s Terry Bates, the gang leader who killed Jase. Although maybe I might be having a mum coming in. Those are just theories of mine. It’d be nice – I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.”


The key scene saw Phil assuring his contact that he’d kept up his side of the bargain and now expected the same in return. So why is Phil acting in the way he has? “If only I knew the answer for that,” added Borthwick. “I think this person, whoever they are, is applying pressure on Phil for a specific reason. But I really am in the dark.”

Certainly, the immediate repercussions will be momentous for Jay who – now feeling alienated from his adoptive family – will tell Ben that they’re no longer brothers. Jay’s words touch a nerve with Ben and a fight soon erupts. So is this the end for the pair’s bond?

Speaking about the on-screen scrap – which is set to be shown later this week – Borthwick commented: “It was great to film. It’s always nice for two mates to have a tear-up! Harry Reid and I put it together really well with our stunt co-ordinator. So it was nice for us to get creative and chuck some ideas in ourselves.”


And just how dangerous will Jay become? What kind of retribution will he have in mind? “Well, a lot of things are said in the heat of the moment. But Jay’s a kid on the loose who’s shocked, confused and angry. And angry, confused kids can be dangerous.”


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