The Great Christmas Bake Off: What has returning contestant Sandy Docherty been up to since she left GBBO?

How far did she get in the competition? What’s she been doing ever since? Everything you need to know about the former Bake Off contestant

The Great Festive Bake Off: Sandy Docherty (C4, TL)

If you don’t remember of Sandy’s food on The Great British Bake Off 2015, you’ll probably remember her wobble dance.


Or the time she strangled judge Paul Hollywood…

But what has Sandy been doing since her time on Bake Off? Here’s all you need to know about the amateur baker…

Name: Sandy Docherty

Age: 52

Job: Child Welfare Officer

Series: 6

Week Eliminated: 4 (Dessert Week)

Twitter: @SANDYDbakes

What has Sandy been up to since her time on Bake Off?

Sandy still works as a Child Welfare Officer, but has dedicate time to “looking at ways her time on the show can benefit others”. This has meant she’s set up her own website,, where she posts recipes and motivational essays.

Sandy is also VERY active on Twitter, posting many pictures of – you guessed it – food.

This summer she also baked 250 cakes for one wedding…

She also keeps in touch with some of the Class of ’15 and last year paired up with Howard Middleton to judge a baking competition for Manchester Pride.


The Great Christmas Bake Off will air on Monday 25th December at 7.40pm and Monday 1st January at 7.40pm – both on Channel 4