Try the Benedict Cumberbatch name generator

From Bumberstump Humperdinck to Tiddleywomp Candycrush see the random Cumberbatch-inspired names and how they’d affect our headlines

Benedict Cumberbatch’s wonderfully unusual name has some competition thanks to a tumblr widget.


The clever gizmo (whose creator wandaventham shares a name with Cumberbatch’s mother) can churn out countless random concoctions of words that sound a bit like the Sherlock star’s moniker. 

From Wimbledon Tennismatch to Bumblebee Curdledmilk, some are a bit of a stretch (Jonnycash Lingerie?!), but the tumblr user explains: “I say his name a lot, but it takes extra effort to come up with a fun new variation each time, so I got this script to do the thinking for me.”

In honour of these funky new names we had a look at how the Cumberbatch name generator would have affected some of our previous headlines about the star…

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Steven Moffat: “Sherlock could not continue without Jonnycash Lingerie and Martin Freeman”

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Check out the Benedict Cumberbatch name generator here