This heartwarming CBeebies trailer is what we all need right now

The adorable film shows how openness and friendship trumps all


With plenty of column inches devoted to current horrific events, it’s easy to get lost in the doom and gloom. Yet it’s also easy to remember the values of openness and friendship that unite us. How? As strange as it sounds, through the new video released by CBeebies.


The short film has a simple concept: kids are asked “What makes you different from each other?” and their unscripted answers are caught on camera. The results? Equally as heartwarming as they are inspirational – their innocent replies leave out divisions of race or gender, but instead focus on love or dislike of lettuce, opinions of ketchup and toe size.

The film is part of Cbeebies’s new campaign ‘Everyone’s Welcome’, aiming to promote thought-provoking discussion on diversity. “It’s a campaign that shows just how young children see the world, and quite frankly they see things differently to how you and I might,” said Alice Webb, director of BBC Children’s content. “These kids know what’s important – friendship, openness and respecting each other’s differences, a lesson we can all learn from.”


The powerful message certainly hasn’t been lost on viewers at home…