The Queen: “I’m going on holiday so I want the baby to hurry up”

Her Majesty reveals her impatience to a group of schoolchildren on a trip to Windemere

The nation is on tenterhooks ahead of the royal baby’s imminent arrival, but while reporters camp outside the hospital and broadcasters wait with baited breath, it turns out Her Majesty the Queen is getting rather impatient… 


Speaking to a group of schoolchildren in Windemere in the Lake District earlier today, the soon-to-be great grandmother was asked by a ten-year-old whether she’d like William and Kate to have a boy or girl. “I really don’t mind,” she replied, “but I wish it would hurry up because I’m going on holiday.” 

The Queen – who is due to head up to Balmoral for her annual vacation in just nine days time – is partaking in a series of engagements in the Lake District while her heavily pregnant grandaughter-in-law awaits the birth of her first child. 


Yesterday the Duchess of Cornwall revealed the family are anticipating the birth by the “end of the week”, with media due to be notified by the Palace as soon as the Duchess goes into labour. Let’s hope the newest addition to the royal family isn’t too tardy – one wouldn’t want to keep Her Majesty waiting too long…