The Doctor’s caught on CCTV in first image from Doctor Who two-part finale

Is someone a bit paranoid about burglars in new episode Heaven Sent?

Ever felt like you were being watched?


As the Doctor walks the corridors of wherever it is he was transported to at the end of the last episode, it appears he’s the star of his own TV show (as if we didn’t already know that). Whoever brought him here seems to be a bit paranoid about burglars (after all, the Time Lord does have a history of stealing Tardises) and has apparently set up some CCTV around the place, as you can see in this new image from Heaven Sent, the first in the two-part series nine finale.

But exactly who or what is watching the Doctor? One thing’s for sure, he’s definitely not alone


Doctor Who: Heaven Sent is on Saturday 28th November at 8:05pm on BBC1