Terminator disguised as David Beckham discovered in New York

Run for the hills, the T-1000s are coming! And they're impersonating footballers...

It’s taken 21 years since the release of Terminator 2 for the first real-life T-1000 to materialise in the States, where it appears as though the shape-shifting android’s got stuck in the form of footballing underwear salesman David Beckham.


In a twist that’s seen Goldenballs get an inadvertant silver makeover, this shimmering mecha-Beckham was recently discovered on the streets of New York to the amazement of Manhattan’s citizenry, many of whom have taken the opportunity to examine its otherworldly outer casing (or at least that’s what I think the grinning off-duty engineer in the photo is up to…)

And worryingly, early reports suggest that America is soon to be invaded by an army of these steely droids, with plans said to be afoot for clones of this first towering nanomorph to be beamed down to Los Angeles and San Francisco before Sunday.


Of course, most reports about the silver Red Devil claim that these are merely statues promoting an H&M clothing line but, as anyone who’s sat through James Cameron’s Terminator sequel on 27 seperate occasions will warn you, don’t believe the hype…