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Taylor Swift says Sam Smith will win at the Brits but Ed Sheeran would win in a fight

Asked which of the two "heavyweight" artists would triumph at the music awards, Miss Swift’s mind went straight to fisticuffs... logo
Published: Tuesday, 24th February 2015 at 9:49 am

Ahead of tomorrow night’s Brit Awards, Taylor Swift appears to have more serious things on her mind than whether she’ll scoop International Female Solo Artist...


When asked who would win out of “the two heavyweight Brit nominated male artists” Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran, Taylor dove straight into talking about their fighting prowess. It was probably the word heavyweight that threw her.

“Ed’s scrappier, that’s for sure!” she told Capital Breakfast’s Dave Berry, before adding, “Are you talking about fighting styles?”

Berry wasn’t, but changed tack. “That’s a much better idea. So they’re going toe-to-toe, they’re out in the car park outside the 02…”

“Ed could beat anyone in a fight,” Taylor said of the Thinking Out Loud singer, “Just because he’s like a little street urchin!

“[He’s] only sensitive when writing songs, but in a conversation about competition or anything – scrappy!”

Swinging back to the actual battle in hand, with Sheeran and Smith both up for British Single, British Male Solo Artist, Best British Video and Best British Album tomorrow night (Smith is also up for Best Breakthrough Artist), Swift admitted, “If we’re talking about the Brits it’s Sam’s year, he’s having an amazing year, I love him.

“Ed’s one of my best friends so I want him to win something, too. I think they’re both gonna win stuff, right?”

The artists will find out tomorrow night, with the ceremony taking place at the 02, and Ant and Dec back on hosting duties.

Whoever does win, let's just hope it doesn't turn nasty...


The Brit Awards Wednesday at 8:00pm on ITV


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