Steven Moffat – “My new Doctor Who monster will scare you”

The Doctor Who showrunner told Twitter followers today that he'd invented a frightening new creature...

He has a history of creating scary adversaries for the Doctor – including the terrifying Weeping Angels, which recently topped our poll of the Time Lord’s all-time greatest foes – and today Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat told Twitter followers that a frightening new creature was coming their way.


“See this new monster I’ve invented?” tweeted Moffat, who is currently writing episodes for the new seventh series of Doctor Who. “This is a GOOD one. This will SCARE you. Oh yes.”

Exactly when the new monster will be unveiled we don’t know, but with filming already completed on several of the episodes set to broadcast this autumn, and the Christmas special currently shooting, it’s unlikely to be until next year when the second half of the series airs.

No further details of the new creation were forthcoming, of course – Moffat is a notorious opponent of spoilers. But that clearly doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy a teaser now and then…