Spot the bear competition answers


Many readers perused the pages of the Christmas Radio Times looking for the bears hidden throughout the issue – if you gave it a go you’ll want to know the answer is 31! 


Drawn at random from the pool of correct answers, here are the lucky winners of the bear-filled goody bag:
Kimberley Betts of Peasedown St John, Gary Appleton of Macclesfield, Diana Wellard of Ashford, Charles Reah of Watford and Paul Jones of Wrexham.

 And now for a list of the hiding places:

Page 1, 
Page 2,
Page 15,
Page 22,
Page 37,
Page 41,
Page 53,
Page 57,
Page 61,
Page 62,
Page 63 (x2),
Page 77 (x2),
Page 85,
Page 93,
Page 100,
Page 112,
Page 126,
Page 151,
Page 168 (x2),
Page 180,
Page 181,
Page 199,
Page 204,
Page 218,
Page 230,
Page 247,
Page 275,
Page 290.


 Can you spot them all?