When will NBA return? Possible season return date revealed

The NBA is entering the business end of the season and it could be set for a return soon

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Basketball has enjoyed a reputation-enhancing break during lockdown with a raft of curious new fans sure to tune in following the rampant success of hit Netflix series The Last Dance.


Many sports fans who tuned in to watch Michael Jordan’s rise with the Chicago Bulls – particularly in the UK – may have never sat down to watch the NBA in the modern era, if at all.

The good news is that when the league thaws from its deep freeze, teams are entering the final stretch before the play-offs, and the drama is sure to be as intense as ever.

We’ll be covering the NBA in the build-up to its comeback with a possible new return date being thrown around among teams.

Check out our guide to when the NBA will return and how to watch the drama unfold in the UK.

When will NBA return?

The latest indications suggest action will recommence in July with a specific return date potentially leaked by a Brooklyn Nets star.

Spencer Dinwiddie claims that the league will return on 15th July, with practice resuming on 21st June, at a quarantined location.

Previous reports have suggested NBA games at Disney World is an option on the table. Wherever the games are held, rumours of a July return date continue to swirl around the league, with confirmation expected in the coming weeks.

Watch NBA in the UK

We’ve compiled a full guide to watching the NBA once the action resumes, whenever that may be! Check out the link below.


How to watch NBA in the UK