Premier League TV fixtures 2019/20: Watch every match live on Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and Virgin Media

Complete Premier League UK TV coverage guide to the season, including dates, kick-off times, teams and how to watch

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Premier League 2019/20

The Premier League 2019/20 season is approaching the halfway point with Liverpool leading the pack.


Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime will air live coverage of the Premier League this season, and we will keep you up-to-date with every televised match throughout the campaign. has rounded up the full list of Premier League 2019/20 fixtures – plus full Sky Sports, NOW TV, BT Sport and Amazon Prime listings and schedules as well as links to our exciting match previews and score predictions.

How to watch Premier League 2019/20 games on TV and online

Sky Sports subscribers watch games via their TV channels or online through SkyGo on a range of devices. Customers can add the Premier League and Football channels for just £18 per month or add the complete sports package to their deal for just £23 per month.

NOW TV offer a Sky Sports day pass for £9.99, a week pass for £14.99 or a month pass for £33.99, all without needing a contract.

BT Sport will air weekly Premier League games as well as full coverage of the Champions League and Europa League. Existing BT customers can add the sports package for an additional £10.00 per month. For new customers, broadband and BT TV packages start at £39.99 per month. You can also buy a monthly pass for £25 without signing up to a contract.

Amazon Prime have purchased the rights to show every match from the Boxing Day round of games live, as well as another weekend of matches in the lead up to Christmas.

Virgin Media offer customers the full package to subscribe to Sky Sports, BT Sport and the Amazon Prime app loaded onto Virgin boxes, meaning you can watch every televised Premier League match from one remote. New customers can also pick up a free 12 months of Amazon Prime Video.

Premier League fixtures 2019/20

Broadcast information will be updated throughout the season.

Televised matches in bold.

Saturday 18th January

Preview: Watford v Tottenham (12:30pm) BT Sport

Arsenal v Sheffield United (3:00pm)

Brighton v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

Man City v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)

Norwich v Bournemouth (3:00pm)

Southampton v Wolves (3:00pm)

West Ham v Everton (3:00pm)

Preview: Newcastle v Chelsea (5:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Sunday 19th January

Preview: Burnley v Leicester (2:00pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Preview: Liverpool v Man Utd (4:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Tuesday 21st January

Aston Villa v Watford (7:30pm)

Bournemouth v Brighton (7:30pm)

Crystal Palace v Southampton (7:30pm)

Everton v Newcastle (7:30pm)

Sheffield United v Man City (7:30pm) BT Sport

Chelsea v Arsenal (8:15pm) BT Sport

Wednesday 22nd January

Tottenham v Norwich (7:30pm)

Leicester v West Ham (7:30pm) BT Sport

Man Utd v Burnley (8:15pm) BT Sport

Thursday 23rd January

Wolves v Liverpool (8:00pm) BT Sport

Saturday 1st February

Leicester v Chelsea (12:30pm) BT Sport

Bournemouth v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

Crystal Palace v Sheffield United (3:00pm)

Liverpool v Southampton (3:00pm)

Newcastle v Norwich (3:00pm)

Watford v Everton (3:00pm)

West Ham v Brighton (3:00pm)

Man Utd v Wolves (5:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Sunday 2nd February

Burnley v Arsenal (2:00pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Tottenham v Man City (4:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Saturday 8th February

Everton v Crystal Palace (12:30pm) BT Sport

Norwich v Liverpool (3:00pm)

Brighton v Watford (5:30pm) BT Sport

Sunday 9th February

Sheffield United v Bournemouth (2:00pm) BT Sport

Man City v West Ham (4:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Friday 14th February

Wolves v Leicester (8:00pm) BT Sport

Saturday 15th February

Southampton v Burnley (12:30pm) BT Sport

Norwich v Liverpool (5:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Sunday 16th February

Aston Villa v Tottenham (2:00pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Arsenal v Newcastle (4:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Monday 17th February

Chelsea v Man Utd (8:00pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Saturday 22nd February

Chelsea v Tottenham (12:30pm) BT Sport

Burnley v Bournemouth (3:00pm)

Crystal Palace v Newcastle (3:00pm)

Sheffield United v Brighton (3:00pm)

Southampton v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

Leicester v Man City (5:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Sunday 23rd February

Man Utd v Watford (2:00pm)

Wolves v Norwich (2:00pm)

Arsenal v Everton (4:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Monday 24th February

Liverpool v West Ham (8:00pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Friday 28th February

Norwich v Leicester (8:00pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Subject to EFL Cup final participation

Saturday 29th February

Brighton v Crystal Palace (12:30pm) BT Sport

Bournemouth v Chelsea (3:00pm)

Aston Villa v Sheffield United (3:00pm)

Newcastle v Burnley (3:00pm)

West Ham v Southampton (3:00pm)

Watford v Liverpool (5:30pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Sunday 1st March

Man City v Arsenal (2:00pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV


Everton v Man Utd (2:00pm) Sky Sports / NOW TV

Subject to EFL Cup final participation

Tottenham v Wolves (3:00pm)

Saturday 7th March

Arsenal v West Ham (3:00pm)

Burnley v Tottenham (3:00pm)

Chelsea v Everton (3:00pm)

Crystal Palace v Watford (3:00pm)

Leicester v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

Liverpool v Bournemouth (3:00pm)

Man Utd v Man City (3:00pm)

Sheffield United v Norwich (3:00pm)

Southampton v Newcastle (3:00pm)

Wolves v Brighton (3:00pm)

Saturday 14th March

Bournemouth v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)

Aston Villa v Chelsea (3:00pm)

Brighton v Arsenal (3:00pm)

Everton v Liverpool (3:00pm)

Man City v Burnley (3:00pm)

Newcastle v Sheffield United (3:00pm)

Norwich v Southampton (3:00pm)

Tottenham v Man Utd (3:00pm)

Watford v Leicester (3:00pm)

West Ham v Wolves (3:00pm)

Saturday 21st March

Burnley v Watford (3:00pm)

Chelsea v Man City (3:00pm)

Leicester v Brighton (3:00pm)

Liverpool v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)

Man Utd v Sheffield United (3:00pm)

Newcastle v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

Norwich v Everton (3:00pm)

Southampton v Arsenal (3:00pm)

Tottenham v West Ham (3:00pm)

Wolves v Bournemouth (3:00pm)

Saturday 4th April

Bournemouth v Newcastle (3:00pm)

Arsenal v Norwich (3:00pm)

Aston Villa v Wolves (3:00pm)

Brighton v Man Utd (3:00pm)

Crystal Palace v Burnley (3:00pm)

Everton v Leicester (3:00pm)

Man City v Liverpool (3:00pm)

Sheffield United v Tottenham (3:00pm)

Watford v Southampton (3:00pm)

West Ham v Chelsea (3:00pm)

Saturday 11th April

Burnley v Sheffield United (3:00pm)

Chelsea v Watford (3:00pm)

Leicester v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)

Liverpool v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

Man Utd v Bournemouth (3:00pm)

Newcastle v West Ham (3:00pm)

Norwich v Brighton (3:00pm)

Southampton v Man City (3:00pm)

Tottenham v Everton (3:00pm)

Wolves v Arsenal (3:00pm)

Saturday 18th April

Bournemouth v Tottenham (3:00pm)

Arsenal v Leicester (3:00pm)

Aston Villa v Man Utd (3:00pm)

Brighton v Liverpool (3:00pm)

Crystal Palace v Chelsea (3:00pm)

Everton v Southampton (3:00pm)

Man City v Newcastle (3:00pm)

Sheffield United v Wolves (3:00pm)

Watford v Norwich (3:00pm)

West Ham v Burnley (3:00pm)

Saturday 25th April

Bournemouth v Leicester (3:00pm)

Aston Villa v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)

Brighton v Man City (3:00pm)

Liverpool v Burnley (3:00pm)

Man Utd v Southampton (3:00pm)

Norwich v West Ham (3:00pm)

Sheffield United v Chelsea (3:00pm)

Tottenham v Arsenal (3:00pm)

Watford v Newcastle (3:00pm)

Wolves v Everton (3:00pm)

Saturday 2nd May

Arsenal v Liverpool (3:00pm)

Burnley v Wolves (3:00pm)

Chelsea v Norwich (3:00pm)

Crystal Palace v Man Utd (3:00pm)

Everton v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

Leicester v Sheffield United (3:00pm)

Man City v Bournemouth (3:00pm)

Newcastle v Tottenham (3:00pm)

Southampton v Brighton (3:00pm)

West Ham v Watford (3:00pm)

Saturday 9th May

Bournemouth v Southampton (3:00pm)

Aston Villa v Arsenal (3:00pm)

Brighton v Newcastle (3:00pm)

Liverpool v Chelsea (3:00pm)

Man Utd v West Ham (3:00pm)

Norwich v Burnley (3:00pm)

Sheffield United v Everton (3:00pm)

Tottenham v Leicester (3:00pm)

Watford v Man City (3:00pm)

Wolves v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)

Saturday 17th May

Arsenal v Watford (3:00pm)

Burnley v Brighton (3:00pm)

Chelsea v Wolves (3:00pm)

Crystal Palace v Tottenham (3:00pm)

Everton v Bournemouth (3:00pm)

Leicester v Man Utd (3:00pm)

Man City v Norwich (3:00pm)

Newcastle v Liverpool (3:00pm)

Southampton v Sheffield United (3:00pm)

West Ham v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

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