Championship TV fixtures 2019/20: Sky Sports listings for every match live on TV and online

Complete Championship UK TV coverage guide to the season, including dates, kick-off times, teams and how to watch

Norwich Championship

The Championship is once again proving itself as one of the greatest football leagues in the world.


Millions will flock to the Premier League as their default football fix, but the wildly unpredictable nature of second-tier football continues to draw in fans around the world.

Sky Sports will air Championship games throughout the season, and we will keep you up-to-date with every televised match as they are announced. has rounded up the full list of Championship 2019/20 fixtures – plus full Sky Sports listings and schedules as well as links to our exciting match previews and score predictions.

How to watch Championship 2019/20 games on TV and online

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Championship fixtures 2019/20

Broadcast information will be updated throughout the season.

Kick-off 3:00pm unless otherwise stated. Televised matches in bold.

Saturday 7th December

Huddersfield v Leeds (12:30pm)

Blackburn v Derby

Cardiff v Barnsley

Fulham v Bristol City

Hull v Stoke

Luton v Wigan

Middlesbrough v Charlton

Millwall v Nottingham Forest

QPR v Preston

Reading v Birmingham

Sheffield Wednesday v Brentford

Sunday 8th December

West Brom v Swansea (12:00pm)

Tuesday 10th December

Bristol City v Millwall (7:45pm)

Charlton v Huddersfield (7:45pm)

Leeds v Hull (7:45pm)

Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough (7:45pm)

Preston v Fulham (7:45pm)

Stoke v Luton (8:00pm)

Wednesday 11th December

Barnsley v Reading (7:45pm)

Birmingham v QPR (7:45pm)

Brentford v Cardiff (7:45pm)

Derby v Sheffield Wednesday (7:45pm)

Swansea v Blackburn (7:45pm)

Wigan v West Brom (7:45pm)

Friday 13th December

Birmingham v West Brom (12:30pm)

Saturday 14th December

Barnsley v QPR

Brentford v Fulham

Bristol City v Blackburn

Charlton v Hull

Derby v Millwall

Leeds v Cardiff

Nottingham Forest v Sheffield Wednesday

Preston v Luton

Stoke v Reading

Swansea v Middlesbrough

Friday 20th December

Middlesbrough v Stoke (7:45pm)

Saturday 21st December

Cardiff v Preston (12:30pm)

Fulham v Leeds

Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest

Hull v Birmingham

Luton v Swansea

Millwall v Barnsley

QPR v Charlton

Reading v Derby

West Brom v Brentford

Sunday 22nd December

Sheffield Wednesday v Bristol City (12:00pm)

Monday 23rd December

Blackburn v Wigan (7:45pm)

Thursday 26th December

Barnsley v West Brom

Blackburn v Birmingham

Brentford v Swansea

Cardiff v Millwall

Charlton v Bristol City

Hull v Nottingham Forest

Luton v Fulham

Middlesbrough v Huddersfield

Stoke v Sheffield Wednesday

Wigan v Derby

Leeds v Preston (5:15pm)

Reading v QPR (7:30pm)

Sunday 29th December

Birmingham v Leeds

Bristol City v Luton

Fulham v Stoke

Huddersfield v Blackburn

Millwall v Brentford

Nottingham Forest v Wigan

Preston v Reading

QPR v Hull

Sheffield Wednesday v Cardiff

Swansea v Barnsley

West Brom v Middlesbrough

Monday 30th December

Derby v Charlton (7:45pm)

Wednesday 1st January

Millwall v Luton (12:45pm)

Birmingham v Wigan

Bristol City v Brentford

Fulham v Reading

Huddersfield v Stoke

Nottingham Forest v Blackburn

Preston v Middlesbrough

QPR v Cardiff

Sheffield Wednesday v Hull

West Brom v Leeds (5:15pm)

Thursday 2nd January

Derby v Barnsley (7:45pm)

Swansea v Charlton (7:45pm)

Saturday 11th January

Brentford v QPR (12:30pm)

Barnsley v Huddersfield

Blackburn v Preston

Charlton v West Brom

Hull v Fulham

Leeds v Sheffield Wednesday

Luton v Birmingham

Middlesbrough v Derby

Reading v Nottingham Forest

Stoke v Millwall

Wigan v Bristol City

Sunday 12th January

Cardiff v Swansea (12:00pm)

Saturday 18th January

Birmingham v Cardiff

Bristol City v Barnsley

Derby v Hull

Fulham v Middlesbrough

Huddersfield v Brentford

Millwall v Reading

Nottingham Forest v Luton

Preston v Charlton

QPR v Leeds

Sheffield Wednesday v Blackburn

Swansea v Wigan

West Brom v Stoke

Saturday 25th January

Barnsley v Preston

Blackburn v QPR

Brentford v Nottingham Forest

Cardiff v West Brom

Charlton v Fulham

Hull v Huddersfield

Leeds v Millwall

Luton v Derby

Middlesbrough v Birmingham

Reading v Bristol City

Stoke v Swansea

Wigan v Sheffield Wednesday

Saturday 1st February

Birmingham v Nottingham Forest

Cardiff v Reading

Charlton v Barnsley

Derby v Stoke

Fulham v Huddersfield

Hull v Brentford

Leeds v Wigan

Middlesbrough v Blackburn

Preston v Swansea

QPR v Bristol City

Sheffield Wednesday v Millwall

West Brom v Luton

Saturday 8th February

Barnsley v Sheffield Wednesday

Blackburn v Fulham

Brentford v Middlesbrough

Bristol City v Birmingham

Huddersfield v QPR

Luton v Cardiff

Millwall v West Brom

Nottingham Forest v Leeds

Reading v Hull

Stoke v Charlton

Swansea v Derby

Wigan v Preston

Tuesday 11th February

Barnsley v Birmingham (7:45pm)

Blackburn v Hull (7:45pm)

Brentford v Leeds (7:45pm)

Nottingham Forest v Charlton (7:45pm)

Swansea v QPR (7:45pm)

Wigan v Middlesbrough (7:45pm)

Wednesday 12th February

Bristol City v Derby (7:45pm)

Huddersfield v Cardiff (7:45pm)

Luton v Sheffield Wednesday (7:45pm)

Millwall v Fulham (7:45pm)

Reading v West Brom (8:00pm)

Stoke v Preston (8:00pm)

Saturday 15th February

Birmingham v Brentford

Cardiff v Wigan

Charlton v Blackburn

Derby v Huddersfield

Fulham v Barnsley

Hull v Swansea

Leeds v Bristol City

Middlesbrough v Luton

Preston v Millwall

QPR v Stoke

Sheffield Wednesday v Reading

West Brom v Nottingham Forest

Saturday 22nd February

Barnsley v Middlesbrough

Birmingham v Sheffield Wednesday

Brentford v Blackburn

Bristol City v West Brom

Charlton v Luton

Derby v Fulham

Leeds v Reading

Nottingham Forest v QPR

Preston v Hull

Stoke v Cardiff

Swansea v Huddersfield

Wigan v Millwall

Tuesday 25th February

Cardiff v Nottingham Forest (7:45pm)

Fulham v Swansea (7:45pm)

Huddersfield v Bristol City (7:45pm)

Luton v Brentford (7:45pm)

QPR v Derby (7:45pm)

West Brom v Preston (8:00pm)

Wednesday 26th February

Blackburn v Stoke (7:45pm)

Hull v Barnsley (7:45pm)

Middlesbrough v Leeds (7:45pm)

Millwall v Birmingham (7:45pm)

Reading v Wigan (7:45pm)

Sheffield Wednesday v Charlton (7:45pm)

Reading v Wigan (8:00pm)

Saturday 29th February

Blackburn v Swansea

Cardiff v Brentford

Fulham v Preston

Huddersfield v Charlton

Hull v Leeds

Luton v Stoke

Middlesbrough v Nottingham Forest

Millwall v Bristol City

QPR v Birmingham

Reading v Barnsley

Sheffield Wednesday v Derby

West Brom v Wigan

Barnsley v Cardiff

Saturday 7th March

Birmingham v Reading

Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday

Bristol City v Fulham

Charlton v Middlesbrough

Derby v Blackburn

Leeds v Huddersfield

Nottingham Forest v Millwall

Preston v QPR

Stoke v Hull

Swansea v West Brom

Wigan v Luton

Saturday 14th March

Blackburn v Bristol City

Cardiff v Leeds

Fulham v Brentford

Huddersfield v Wigan

Hull v Charlton

Luton v Preston

Middlesbrough v Swansea

Millwall v Derby

QPR v Barnsley

Reading v Stoke

Sheffield Wednesday v Nottingham Forest

West Brom v Birmingham

Tuesday 17th March

Barnsley v Millwall (7:45pm)

Brentford v West Brom (7:45pm)

Bristol City v Sheffield Wednesday (7:45pm)

Charlton v QPR (7:45pm)

Derby v Reading (7:45pm)

Preston v Cardiff (7:45pm)

Wednesday 18th March

Birmingham v Hull (7:45pm)

Leeds v Fulham (7:45pm)

Nottingham Forest v Huddersfield (7:45pm)

Swansea v Luton (7:45pm)

Wigan v Blackburn (7:45pm)

Stoke v Middlesbrough (8:00pm)

Saturday 21st March

Barnsley v Blackburn

Birmingham v Huddersfield

Cardiff v Charlton

Hull v Middlesbrough

Leeds v Luton

Millwall v Swansea

Nottingham Forest v Bristol City

Preston v Derby

QPR v Fulham

Reading v Brentford

Sheffield Wednesday v West Brom

Wigan v Stoke

Saturday 4th April

Blackburn v Leeds

Brentford v Wigan

Bristol City v Cardiff

Charlton v Millwall

Derby v Nottingham Forest

Fulham v Birmingham

Huddersfield v Preston

Luton v Reading

Middlesbrough v QPR

Stoke v Barnsley

Swansea v Sheffield Wednesday

West Brom v Hull

Friday 10th April – Good Friday

Birmingham v Swansea

Brentford v Charlton

Bristol City v Hull

Cardiff v Blackburn

Leeds v Stoke

Luton v Barnsley

Millwall v Middlesbrough

Nottingham Forest v Fulham

Reading v Huddersfield

Sheffield Wednesday v Preston

West Brom v Derby

Wigan v QPR

Monday 13th April – Easter Monday

Barnsley v Wigan

Blackburn v West Brom

Charlton v Reading

Derby v Brentford

Fulham v Cardiff

Huddersfield v Luton

Hull v Millwall

Middlesbrough v Bristol City

Preston v Nottingham Forest

QPR v Sheffield Wednesday

Stoke v Birmingham

Swansea v Leeds

Saturday 18th April

Birmingham v Charlton

Brentford v Preston

Bristol City v Stoke

Cardiff v Derby

Leeds v Barnsley

Luton v QPR

Millwall v Blackburn

Nottingham Forest v Swansea

Reading v Middlesbrough

Sheffield Wednesday v Huddersfield

West Brom v Fulham

Wigan v Hull

Barnsley v Nottingham Forest

Saturday 25th April

Blackburn v Reading

Charlton v Wigan

Derby v Leeds

Fulham v Sheffield Wednesday

Huddersfield v West Brom

Hull v Luton

Middlesbrough v Cardiff

Preston v Birmingham

QPR v Millwall

Stoke v Brentford

Swansea v Bristol City

Saturday 2nd May

Birmingham v Derby (12:30pm)

Brentford v Barnsley (12:30pm)

Bristol City v Preston (12:30pm)

Cardiff v Hull (12:30pm)

Leeds v Charlton (12:30pm)

Luton v Blackburn (12:30pm)

Millwall v Huddersfield (12:30pm)

Nottingham Forest v Stoke (12:30pm)

Reading v Swansea (12:30pm)

Sheffield Wednesday v Middlesbrough (12:30pm)

West Brom v QPR (12:30pm)

Wigan v Fulham (12:30pm)


Championship play-offs on TV in 2019/20

Monday 25th May

Championship play-off final