See Bryan Cranston’s new baseball-themed one-man show

I am the one who bats


It’s safe to say that after the runaway success (and awards deluge) of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston’s next project would have to be something pretty special – and it looks like he’s found that unique format in a one man show about baseball.

Well, not really – the short is actually an ad for the new season of baseball playoffs, but Cranston’s theatrical vision of the game still features a few choice moments that we’d love to see for real as the actor plays every role on the pitch, deals with indifferent audiences and banishes a noisy snack-seller.

He’s also full of good advice for his peers, noting sagely that “Any actor who tells you they are not inspired by Bugs Bunny is a liar. A hack.”


Looks like Cranston’s knocked it out of the park again.