If the cast of Downton Abbey watched tonight’s England World Cup game

So. Much. Excitement

Roy Hodgson’s England side play their second World Cup game in Brazil tonight, against 2010 semi-finalists Uruguay. 


Flags will be waved, faces with be painted, nails will be bitten – but what if the residents of ITV drama Downton Abbey were to watch Wayne Rooney and co take to the pitch…

The excitement for the start of the game would be palpable. Flags and foam hands everywhere.

The National Anthem would inspire bucket loads of patriotism

All eyes would be on the game at all times

There would be wild celebrations when a goal was scored

Things would perk up when it was half time and everyone thought Thierry Henry was coming on screen

Then they’d remember tonight’s game is on ITV

Everyone would pull the I-could-do-better-than-that-with-my-eyes-closed face when England misses from a corner

Some could work on a goal celebration for if we do eventually score

Before lying down in a darkened room when extra time is added because it’s Just. Too. Stressful.


See England v Uruguay tonight on ITV – kick-off at 8:00pm