Spain’s Running of the Bulls festival is under way

Thousands gather for Pamplona’s controversial seven-day festival, which sees locals running in front of bulls on the loose, through the town's streets

At the weekend, a rocket shot upwards to mark the official beginning of the Running of the Bulls celebrations in Pamplona, Spain.


The festival sees thousands of people dressed in traditional white and red handkerchiefs scuffle and shout in excitement as the week of daily bull runs and all night fiestas begins.

The mosh pit of a parade follows the bulls, and spectators try to avoid the beasts, weighing up to 1,380, as they tear through the pretty cobbled streets.

Locals and tourists are often hurt in the Bull Run, due to the beasts lashing out with their horns, while others are trampled in the rush.

However, the view from the safe spots above is quite spectacular. Many gather on the balconies in the town centre to see the mayhem unfold below.

After the run, the bulls will go up against matadors and be killed in the bull ring. Of an evening, it’s possible to eat the bull meat in many of Pamplona’s finest restaurants.


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