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5 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Jordan recruits Charlie, and Edward is exposed

Plus, devilish Clare Devine returns - kind of…

hollyoaks Jordan price Charlie dean
Published: Saturday, 16th May 2020 at 6:15 am

Teenager Charlie Dean puts himself in danger when he aligns himself with local drug dealer Jordan Price as the county lines phenomenon continues to infiltrate the village this week.


Edward Hutchinson reveals his sickest plan yet, and we get to re-live the era of another evildoer, blonde bombshell Clare Devine. She made the sinister surgeon look like a teddy bear. Here are your Hollyoaks spoilers for Monday 18th-Friday 22nd May 2020.

Jordan recruits Charlie as a drug dealer

hollyoaks Charlie dean jordan price

With foot soldiers Sid Sumner and Juliet Nightingale away on a school trip, ruthless Jordan Price has to scan the Hollyoaks High playground for new recruits to push his product. Charlie Dean is the next vulnerable teen to be targeted to join the sinister county lines drug dealing ring, and posing as Sid in an online gaming forum Jordan messages the lad as he launches his recruitment campaign. With his tragic history, unstable upbringing and increasing disengagement from the world, Charlie is sadly prime material to be corrupted by Jordan. Will he regret agreeing to his first dangerous delivery?

Edward exposed

hollyoaks tony Edward week 20

Doctor Evil, aka Edward Hutchinson, is rumbled by daughter Verity Hutchinson that her brother Tony Hutchinson's brain tumour doesn't exist - her dastardly dad faked the whole thing as part of his plan to destroy his own son's life. How he shuts down sharp cookie Verity and manages to make oblivious Tony forgive his father for trying to steal wife Diane and ask him to move back in remains to be seen, but if Verity is looking for another amoral, ruthless charmer to join her new law firm, and if he fancies a career change, Edward would make the perfect lawyer.

Verity turns down Sami

Hollyoaks verity hutchinson james nightingale Sami maalik

Talking of Verity, the doors are about to open on her aforementioned new enterprise but colleague Sami Maalik is keen to mix business with pleasure before the company has posted its first social media post. Wanting to keep things strictly professional the privileged redhead turns down his offer of a date, but let's assume that's not the end of it. A bit of 'will they?/won't they?' romantic tension should prevent scenes in a stuffy office becoming too dry, although the prospect of ditzy Maxine Kinsella as a legal secretary fetching Macchiatos for waspish James Nightingale is truly delicious.

Romeo is Tom's love doctor

hollyoaks romeo nightingale

How's this for a laugh: Tom Cunningham offering best mate Romeo Nightingale advice on how to woo the ladies - it's a bit like Mr Bean giving Chris Hemsworth seduction tips. Finding out Tom hasn't actually done the deed with girlfriend Yazz as yet somewhat alters the dynamic and romantic Romeo ends up teaching Tom a few things. Although seeing as the last woman Romeo got involved with was icy sociopath Celeste Faroe, Mr Cunningham would be wise to tread carefully.

Hollyoaks Favourites: Clare Devine's reign of terror

hollyoaks clare devine

We go further back in time than ever in this week's archive offerings in Hollyoaks Favourites with the greatest hits of arch-villainess Clare Devine. A cross between Killing Eve's Villanelle and a blonde Alexis Colby, cruel Clare cause untold horror in Hollyoaks from the mid-2000s and we're treated to classic episodes that see the character at her kidnapping, attempted murdering, death defying best. And to think actress Gemma Bissix was once Nigel Bates's sweet little stepdaughter in EastEnders.


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