Could Clare Devine come back from the dead? Gemma Bissix knows how she could return to Hollyoaks

Thought you'd seen the last of the bad girl? Think again…

hollyoaks clare devine

Hollyoaks‘ bad girl Clare Devine (Gemma Bissix) met a sticky end in 2013 when she was run over by fellow villain Dr Paul Browning shortly before a bomb she brought to the village blew the place apart.


While her exit was certainly action-packed the decision to kill off the iconic villainess left some fans fuming at the time. Seeing as she cheated death before during her seven years on the show, does Bissix think there’s any chance of another shock return?

“Clare is dead, we saw her in a body bag!” insists the actress, speaking exclusively to as classic episodes featuring the character air on Hollyoaks Favourites. “But I’d be up for being back as a premonition or a flashback, or even in a dream.

“Maybe I could finally get some scenes with Clare’s sister Grace Black if she returned in some sort of imaginary form. Grace could be is losing the plot and start having visions of her sister still being alive.

“Me and Tamara Wall (aka Grace) are great friends even though we never actually worked together on the show, she joined after I left. I’d jump at the chance to do something on screen with her.”

Addressing the angst at seeing the anti-heroine’s luck finally run out back in 2013, Bissix shares her views: “Some people wish she hadn’t been killed off and they’d seen her and Grace interact a bit,” she muses. “But I always say I prefer to be missed than to have outstayed my welcome. Leave them wanting more!

“At the time no one had a clue she was going to die as it was kept a secret until the episode went out, so that’s why it got such a big reaction. I think some fans felt a bit robbed because they weren’t in on the twist.”

Seeing Clare as a spectral presence of some sort is not out of the realms of possibility – Hollyoaks have form for bringing back deceased characters as figments of the imagination and getting the actors to return for special scenes: Ricky Whittle (Calvin Valentine) Jeremy Sheffield (Patrick Blake) and Andrew Moss (Rhys Ashworth) have all resurfaced to haunt the people they left behind.

So don’t rule it out…


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