Hollyoaks producer reveals the rival soap characters he’d like to steal

Which Emmerdale local could be propping up the bar with Nana McQueen?

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Soap crossovers are not just the domain of fan fantasy – it seems producers also like to indulge in the occasional fun game of ‘What If?’ where they imagine potential scenarios where characters from one continuing drama crop up in another.


Hollyoaks boss Bryan Kirkwood has revealed to RadioTimes.com that not only does he make sure he keeps up with the rival soaps, he also has half an eye on which cast members would be at home in the lively Chester village in which the award-winning Channel 4 drama is set.

“It’s an unofficial part of my job description to see what’s going on in the other shows,” says the executive producer, who has also worked behind the scenes on both EastEnders and Coronation Street. “I think it’s healthy to know what’s on the horizon and what territory they’re veering into.

Emmerdale Pearl Ladderbanks

“I watched Emmerdale recently and loved Pearl Ladderbanks. I’ve always been a fan of Meg Johnson’s work, she was in Corrie years ago, and she was just dazzling in this episode. It made me think it would be lovely to see her having a G&T with Nana McQueen in Hollyoaks, sipping behind the bar!

“I also love Karen Taylor, played by Lorraine Stanley,” he continues. “To me she is one of the best EastEnders characters in years.”

EastEnders Karen Taylor

Could Pearl turn out to be Nana’s long-lost sister, the sophisticated McQueen matriarch? Loudmouth Karen as the distant cockney relative of gobby Sinead Shelby?

In a full and frank interview with RadioTimes.com, Kirkwood also previewed the big storylines set to unfold over the summer months; teased early details of this autumn’s big stunt, confirming heritage characters Darren, Nancy, Mandy, Cindy and Luke were all at the centre of the upcoming carnage; and discussed the next chapters of Ste Hay’s far right radicalisation and rapist Laurie Shelby’s reign of terror.

Read the full chat here.


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