Hollyoaks: Gregory Finnegan reveals if it really is over for James and Harry – and why he didn’t save Romeo

Storm week fallout will turn the lawyer's life upside down


Hollyoaks‘ storm week was pretty eventful for James Nightingale, who discovered he had a secret son and had his heart broken by lover Harry Thompson.


Even though their fling was exposed just hours after Harry married Ste Hay, James rejected his beloved when he told him they were now free to be together, accusing him of crawling back to the loaded legal eagle only as a last resort because his new husband had thrown him out.

In a brand new interview with RadioTimes.com, Gregory Finnegan spoke about the traumatic week in the village that had seen Storm Belinda strike as several big storylines came to a head, and teased what was in store for his character after the life-changing events – in particular the bombshell Romeo Quinn is his son.

“Being a father is a whole new chapter for James, it was a lot of fun to play those revelation scenes and very challenging. I was really eager to work more with Owen (Warner, aka Romeo), I was involved in his screen test and he’s  cracking young actor, so it was great to finally explore this weird father/son relationship going forward.

“I hope James will be a better father than his own dad, Mac. What a terrifying prospect if he isn’t! Romeo could use a good, stable parent in his life. His mum Donna-Marie is a drug-addicted prostitute – she looks like she’s having some problems!”

Fans were shocked that James failed to save his offspring as drowning Romeo’s hand reached out from the water, but Finnegan defends his alter ego’s actions. “It was a very rocky jetty, okay?! Let’s not judge him too harshly on that…!”


As for Harry and James, Finnegan gives #Jarry fans a glimmer of hope that it’s not over… “Yes there’s hope, but they’ve been dealt a serious blow here. The fact Harry married Ste rocked James but it doesn’t change the fact he loves him. Where they can go now is anyone’s guess, we’ll have to see. If you’re continually drawn to someone then it’s hard to stay away. Will they end up together or destroy each other?”


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