Who kills Glenn Donovan? We line up the Hollyoaks WAGs

Grace, Simone, Maxine, Courtney, Farrah and Kim all have murder in mind


The end is nigh for Hollyoaks baddie Glenn Donovan this coming week as ex-girlfriend Grace Black and her team of vengeful WAGs (Women Against Glenn) plan to kill the gruesome gangster for his callous crimes against them. The deadly master plan is thrown into jeopardy, however, when Grace’s attempt to get fellow goon Jay Johnson involved backfires, and the WAGs are forced to think fast when their leader is threatened and Glenn’s son Liam arrives back in the village and rumbles their scheme.


With soon-to-depart Kim Butterfield’s past holding the key to bringing down the crime boss, RadioTimes.com hears from each member of the fierce gang of girls out to get Glenn and examines who’s got the biggest motive for murder…

Week 42 GRACE

Grace Black (Tamara Wall)
Glenn has been controlling Grace for far too long, and trapped her in a coercive abusive relationship and killed his son, her brother, Adam. She’s had enough and it’s time to fight back. Her other brother Liam returns and threatens the plan, they have history as she killed his pregnant girlfriend Eva – she has no love for the guy at this point but they have a long and twisted history which can’t be forgotten.

Week 42 SIMONE

Simone Loveday (Jacqueline Boatswain)
Her motivation is that Glenn publicly humiliated her after she slept with him, and he has terrorised her son Zack for months after he witnessed him killing Adam. I don’t think Simone is capable of killing anyone, but because there is a group of women in the same situation it means that it’s a shared responsibility. She is the most level-headed of the WAGs, and has an excellent knowledge of the law which is a good skill to have here!

Week 42 Courtney

Courtney Campbell (Amy Conachan)
Glenn has ruined Courtney’s life. After he helped her out with Granny Campbell earlier in the year, she thought of him as her comrade – of course he turned on her and now she has nothing, including her daughter Iona who was taken from her because of Glenn. She agreed to team up with the WAGs on the spur of the moment fuelled by emotion. She’s capable – her cousin Cameron was a serial killer! – but doing bad things don’t come naturally to her. Courtney knows how high the risks are in killing him, and I’m not sure the fury towards Glenn is enough to risk losing her daughter forever.

Maxine 1 touched

Maxine Donovan (Nikki Sanderson)
Maxine wants revenge for Adam, her husband, but the real motivation is her daughter Minnie’s safety as Glenn has threatened her. Maxine is not capable of murder, she’s not that type of person, but if her loved ones are in danger she is capable of fighting back. The aftermath is secondary in her mind as she’s too wrapped up in the idea of this plan. If anyone is a weak link in the WAGs it could well be her, she used to be very strong and independent but her priorities have changed since having Minnie. So if killing Glenn means Minnie will be alone, Maxine will falter…


Kim Butterfield (Daisy Wood-Davis)
Glenn shooting Kim set her back as she was getting over her entrapment ordeal. As she realised what he’d done to other people in the village she knew she wanted him gone for good. She’s already tried to kill him by coping her sister, the Gloved Hand Killer, but Farrah stopped her. Kim’s not a killer but with these women beside her she’s willing to help for the greater good. She thinks they’ll get away with it. Is this connected to my exit from the show? Maybe. Glenn is always one step ahead – he killed his own son, so it’s fair to say none of the WAGs are safe.


Farrah Maalik (Krupa Pattani)
Almost losing Kim, the love of her life, because of Glenn left Farrah raging and vengeful, although Farrah isn’t capable of killing a person herself, and doesn’t want the murder to rest on anyone’s soul. But if getting rid means they are free from his terror, she is prepared to help the others do it. However, Farrah is not emotionally or mentally prepared for the consequences, it’s so far off her moral compass. It’s interesting she brings some objectivity to the WAGs as she’s not been directly involved with Glenn herself. She also has skills of persuasion, and is able to calm and talk people in or out of things…


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