Hollyoaks: Sienna and Nancy team up for revenge on Darren? Anna Passey teases return

“She owes Nancy, but Sienna insists she’s changed…”


Hollyoaks’ Sienna Blake is back on screen next week after being released from prison when her fatal attack on daughter Nico is declared to be self-defence. At one time the biggest villain in the village, Sienna has turned over a new leaf and wants to focus on the future rather than dwell on the past – but old enemy Nancy Osborne begs her to return to her bad old ways!


“Sienna doesn’t expect Nancy to be waiting outside the court for her after the CPS make their decision,” reveals Anna Passey, who rejoins the cast after three months away. “Nancy figures Sienna owes her one – and let’s face it, she does! – and wants to enlist her help in getting revenge on Darren after discovering his affair with Mandy.”

The women have come full circle, as Sienna’s original reign of terror was stealing Nancy’s life by bedding Darren and becoming the cuckoo in the Osborne nest. It’s a miracle Nancy wants to be anywhere near her former nemesis…

“Sienna likes that Nancy has forgiven her,” continues Passey, “but doesn’t want to get involved in her plan. She wants to put her difficult past behind her and start a new, honest and simple life and avoid trouble.”

Understandably, for someone who has faked her death, faked cancer and harboured her serial killer daughter from the authorities (among many other high-octane antics), that might be easier said than done, but Passey is confident her character can reboot – starting with the pursuit of her dream career.


“Sienna has her sights set on becoming a teacher so she can help people and contribute to society. She wants a fresh start, full of positivity.”

Having crossed many villagers over the years, thankfully there are some residents who might be more willing to give Ms Blake a chance to prove she’s a changed woman. “Her half-sister Liberty is here now, and Sienna will try to form a meaningful relationship with her. They don’t really know each other but Liberty is the only family she has left.”


And as show producer Bryan Kirkwood revealed to RadioTimes.com recently, romance is also on the cards. “She’ll find an unlikely connection with Brody Hudson. He is going through a difficult time, having confessed historic child abuse in the Buster Smith storyline, and Sienna can empathise with what it’s like to have a painful past. They find there is a spark but that is tricky as he has been seeing Liberty…”

No one would begrudge Passey having some down time, as Sienna’s epic stalker plot dominated Hollyoaks for the first half of 2018, eventually leading to a roller coaster of hoax deaths, surprise comebacks in the shape of Nico and Warren Fox, baby kidnaps and much more besides. Now she’s back, and raring to go. “I am thrilled to be back – a break was necessary but I’m so excited to be in the thick of it again. And I love Si Si’s new bob haircut!”


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