Hollyoaks: Ryan escapes from jail – will Farrah be his final victim?

The killer cop is on the loose as his epic exit looms


Hollyoaks serial killer Ryan Knight has been busted out of prison by Farrah Maalik in exchange for information on Kim Butterfield’s disappearance – but having realised Farrah is working with the cops to trap him, is she now in deadly danger?


Desperate to know girlfriend Kim’s fate, Farrah agreed to spring Ryan from jail where he’s facing a lifetime for murdering his wife Amy Barnes. Using Kim’s whereabouts as a bargaining chip to get a lighter sentence – no one knows he left her locked in a storeroom at the derelict school to die when she uncovered his crimes – Ryan promised Ms Maalik to take her to where she’s hidden.

After confiding in Grace Black her dodgy deal with Ryan, Farrah knew she was out of her depth and secretly approached the police. DS Roxy fitted the therapist with a wire to track her movements and the sting operation began.


Pretending to have a fit in his cell while Farrah was there so paramedics would lead him out to hospital, the police let Ryan get away with Farrah and flee to her car. As Ryan demanded she hand over the fake passport she claimed to have organised, Farrah begged to know Kim’s location – but then canny Ryan noticed she was wearing a wire…


Menacingly telling Farrah she and Kim will be reunited, is the nasty Knight planning to bump her off? Meanwhile, Kim is still alive in the storeroom but fading fast as an infection in a cut on her hand gets worse.

Next week Ryan catches up with Ste Hay and Harry Thompson while he’s on the loose in the woods, leading to his final scenes in the show. But what will Farrah’s fate be after tonight’s drama?


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