Hollyoaks: Mandy attacks Scarlett! “It gets very nasty” reveals Susie Amy

Get ready for a cat fight between the two Mrs Morgans

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Luke Morgan has two women fighting over him in Hollyoaks tonight when new wife Mandy takes on his troublesome ex Scarlett for stirring up trouble at his birthday party.


Yesterday’s E4 episode climaxed with Scarlett deliberately kissing Luke in front of Mandy after the newly-weds rowed, and tonight Scarlett turns up to celebrate her old flame’s special day with an expensive vintage football shirt as a gift. Already miffed at the brunette making moves on her man, Mandy flips and launches at Scarlett ripping out her hair extensions!


“It gets very nasty between the girls,” laughs Susie Amy, returning for another stint as sly Scarlett, reuniting her once more with ex-Footballers’ Wives co-star Gary Lucy who plays Luke. “Scarlett feels very threatened that her son Ollie is living with happily married Luke and Mandy, while Mandy definitely isn’t delighted to have Scarlett around. Sarah (Jayne Dunn, aka Mandy) and I had a lot of fun in our fight scene!”


Luke manages to prise the warring women apart, but Scarlett is clearly on a mission to restore her old family unit with Luke and Ollie, but Amy claims her character is seeing her old life through rose-tinted glasses. “She’s remembering why she fell in love with Luke in the first place, and conveniently forgetting why she walked away. When someone you loved moves on it can fire up all kinds of feelings.

“Scarlett is addicted to drama but she genuinely loved Luke in the past. She expects things to be where she left them and can’t bear to see him happy with someone else. She wants that marriage to be over as soon as possible!”


Mandy’s not done herself any favours by lashing out at Scarlett, and relations between her and Luke are strained after she showed reluctance to him adopting her daughter Ella in case he falls off the wagon.

Meanwhile, Ollie is convinced by his mean-spirited mum to meddle in his dad’s marriage so his parents can be together. “Her son is Scarlett’s primary focus,” insists Amy. “She’s done everything for him as a single mum since Luke left and is potentially a little co-dependent with him. Without Ollie she’s lost, him living with Luke has really pushed her out.”

How far will Scarlett go in using her own son to get her claws back into Luke?

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