Hollyoaks: Luke and Tony fight it out over Mandy – Gary Lucy interview

The star reveals what really went on as the village veterans come to blows


Hollyoaks village erupts into violence in Monday’s E4 episode as old friends Luke Morgan and Tony Hutchinson trade punches after the revelation Tony kissed Luke’s girlfriend Mandy Richardson.


Tony’s miffed missus Diane spills the beans to Mr Morgan that their other halves have locked lips and begs him to return to Hollyoaks to try and win Mandy back – in the hope it keeps tempted Tone away from any more indiscretions with his ex-wife.

Luke sees red and a fight ensues with love rival Tony in public, but Mandy still refuses to take Luke back after his excessive drinking resulted in her daughter Ella being taken into care by concerned social services. Darren Osborne discovers his mate sleeping in his car and invites him to move in, meaning Luke is finally living back in his old neighbourhood after 15 years.

We caught up with Gary Lucy, who returned to his iconic role earlier this year, to discuss the next chapter for unlucky Luke…


How do Luke and Tony get involved in a big fight this week?

Diane tells Luke and Mandy that Tony have kissed and he immediately sees red without understanding any of the circumstances. Luke waits for Tony to turn up at Nightingale’s restaurant and when he does, Luke just loses it and attacks him.

What was it like filming the fighting scenes with Nick Pickard (aka Tony)?

Brilliant! I love working with Nick, he is as clumsy as anything and we just always have so much fun when we film together. Because of his clumsiness, he ended up accidentally hurting me which made it even funnier!


Do you think Luke and Mandy stand a chance of a happy ending?

Yes, I think there will be one for them. I think that Mandy is Luke’s true love and it would be so nice for them to eventually get together and for Luke to be in a place where he is worthy of Mandy’s love.

Troubled Luke is also discovered sleeping in his car this week – is there a light at the end of the tunnel for him?

I hope so. Luke is a bit lost at the moment and just doesn’t know how to make anything right, but he has a heart and he does want to make things better.

What would be Luke’s ideal outcome from this point?

His ideal outcome would be not living in his car for one thing, so he’d like a nice home, a stable job and a happy relationship with Mandy. Also getting Ella back for Mandy would just be the icing on the cake!


Nick Pickard is up for Best Serial Drama Performance at the NTAs this year, why do you think he deserves the votes?

Because he is incredible. He works really hard and I don’t think you can ever underestimate anything he does. Any kind of recognition Nick gets for his work is very well deserved, as it’s not an easy job when you’re getting scripts constantly and you are still able to perform to the level Nick does in every scene.

It’s just been revealed your old Footballers’ Wives co-star Susie Amy is joining Hollyoaks, are you excited to be filming with her again?

I love Susie Amy! She’s an absolute joy to work with and such a lovely person. I loved working with her the first time around and I am really looking forward to working with her this time around in Hollyoaks.


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.