Hollyoaks: Grace stabs Warren on his wedding day to Sienna – here’s what happens next

Will Foxy survive? And if he does will Sienna kill him for cheating on her?


Hollyoaks’ toxic love triangle between Warren Fox, Sienna Blake and Grace Black took a dramatic twist tonight when jealous Grace stabbed her lover on his wedding day after he rejected her for his bride-to-be.


Thinking Sienna was planning to run away with his unborn twins thanks to Ms Black’s stirring, Warren was all set to call off the ceremony until he demanded to know what his fiancée was hiding.

After sleeping with Grace again when he believed Sienna had been deceiving him, Foxy later learnt Ms Blake had been acting shifty as she was secretly arranging to buy their dream home.

In true Warrenna fashion it was yet another lie from Sienna, as she still didn’t come clean about her tragic cancer diagnosis to her intended.

But the fib worked as Warren was convinced Sienna was the one he should be with, and the big day was back on track.


There was a violent sting in the tale, however, when Warren realised he’d forgotten the rings as he was about to start the vows and had to abandon his bride to retrieve them from the Loft.

Finding a heartbroken Grace who begged him to change his mind about marrying Sienna, Foxy laughed in the blonde gangster’s face at the very notion they could have made a go of it – causing an enraged Grace to lash out and stab him.


Wounded Warren crawled into the village where devastated Sienna and Joel eventually found him, covered in blood and fighting for his life…

The dramatic aftermath begins from tomorrow when Sienna and Grace’s feud explodes in spectacular fashion while Warren recovers from his knife attack in hospital.


Will Sienna find out about Warren’s long-running affair with her arch-rival, and that she stabbed him on what was meant to be the happiest day of her life?

Whatever happens, we’re promised there’ll be some slapped faces as the Hollyoaks divas face off against each other so a catfight is surely imminent.

Well, Warren and Sienna’s wedding day was never going to be a low-key occasion, was it?


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