Hollyoaks: who is Darcy Wilde’s mystery man?

Does the scheming blonde have a secret sugar daddy?


There’s a new face in Hollyoaks next week, but he’s already familiar to one resident – so who is the suave mystery man who comes to Darcy Wilde’s rescue? Who indeed…


Dastardly Darcy is determined to get her talons into ex Adam Donovan, and is using is gullible brother Jesse as a pawn. Following this week’s surprise engagement (with Darcy publicly popping the question just to make Adam jealous), Maxine is miffed her nemesis is still hanging around her husband and is desperate to see the back of her.

Grace Black shares her sister-in-law’s views, as does Adam’s fragile mum Tracey, who Darcy has tried on more than occasion to put out of the picture, usually by getting her thrown in prison.

In next Monday’s E4 episode, Grace hires a private detective to do some digging on Darcy – surely there’s got to be some dirt on the deceitful diva, seeing as she was missing for all those years?

Sensing Grace is up to something, Darcy turns to a mystery man for help – but who is he?

Another ex from the ‘presumed dead’ chapter of her life, like Marcus who turned up insisting he was little Toby’s real dad, and was swiftly paid off for the cash Darcy had stolen from him? A family member eager to help? Someone with a grudge against Grace or the Donovans? A secret sugar daddy? A copper? He certainly looks like he’s worth a few quid, but then we’d expect nothing less from the wicked Ms Wilde who’s always scamming cash off some unsuspecting minted man…

Anything is possible with the posh pathological liar. But how long until viewers discover his identity?

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.