Hollyoaks: Warren’s stalker is revealed next week

Who's been blackmailing Foxy over his affair?


Warren Fox finally discovers the identity of his blackmailer next week when a dramatic rooftop chase ends with the unmasking of the mysterious figure threatening to reveal his affair with Grace Black to cancer-stricken pregnant fiancee, Sienna Blake. 


Even though the fling has cooled off since Sienna’s devastating diagnosis, the stalker is still sending texts demanding dosh to keep quiet, but they up the ante by posting a letter addressed to Sienna – is she about to be put in the know?

She’s got enough on her plate as a potentially live saving operation to start fighting her cancer is brought forward, and when Ms Blake disappears from the hospital on the day of the procedure Warren and son Joel Dexter fear she’s done a runner. Or maybe she’s seen the note from the blackmailer… 

Thankfully, nurse Kim Butterfield finds her friend in the folly and persuades her to return to the ward – but will the operation be a success?

Meanwhile, Warren struggles with the stress of Sienna’s surgery and his tormentor’s taunts. Spiralling into paranoia in next Tuesday’s dramatic E4 episode, Foxy is determined to expose his nemesis and accuses half the village of being behind the intimidation, including pint-sized teen tearaway Yasmine Maalik and shady drug dealer Shane Sweeney. 

Spotting the blackmailer wearing a black hoodie, Warren seizes his chance and gives chase, eventually catching up with them on a rooftop – so who has got it in for him? Knowing Warren, will he end up pushing them off the roof? And what if the blackmailer actually does know about Bart McQueen’s murder after all? Not long to wait until the big reveal…

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.