Hollyoaks: Louis Loveday to be revealed as Daniel’s real dad next week?

The Lomax and Loveday families gather for a day to remember...


One of soap’s biggest ‘who’s the daddy’ secrets could be exposed next week in Hollyoaks as baby Daniel Lomax has his naming ceremony – will Louis Loveday be exposed as the the kid’s real father?


As Leela prepares for her son’s special day, Louis desperately tries to get out of attending – not wanting the awkward moment that would surely occur if teenage son Zack found out his girlfriend’s baby was actually his secret half-brother, thanks to a spot of infidelity from his father… 

But Simone is all for playing happy families and accepting Leela as Zack’s partner, to the point where Louis arrives home in Friday’s E4 episode to find her babysitting Daniel! Emotional at being around the tot after her recent IVF disappointment, Louis is uncomfortable at the thought of his wife being around the kid. 

Meanwhile, Leela has more on her plate in the shape of sinister stalker DS Armstrong, who knows the true identity of Daniel’s dad. As Leela attempts to warn Cindy Cunningham her new lodger is not to be trusted, will Armstrong spill the beans on the feisty firefighter’s dirty secret? 

Wednesday’s E4 episode sees the Lomax and Loveday clans unite for the naming ceremony, with Zack undertaking the solemn duty of becoming Daniel’s godfather.

After making an emotional speech to the gathered guests, the student suggests to his cougar lover they move in together and become a proper family unit – but will Louis and Leela’s liaison become public knowledge? What better place for a juicy secret to be uncovered than a roomful of people…

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.