Hollyoaks: Grace and Warren sleep together again next week!

The affair begins, but what dirt has Grace got on Foxy?


Hollyoaks’ Warren Fox cheats on fiancee Sienna Blake again next week when he falls back into bed with gangster rival Grace Black – and this time it’s not a one-off but the beginning of a dangerous affair between the village villains.


In next Monday’s E4 episode, the toxic twosome clash when they both bid for a potential new club. As it did a few weeks ago when they were being held hostage, tension turns to passion and they end up sleeping together again.

Canny Grace reckons cosying up to her enemy is the best way of getting her beloved Loft club back in her name, so she rigs up cameras to record them together for future blackmail purposes. However, once she starts rifling around Foxy’s things, she finds an even better smoking gun that could see her holding all the cards… 

Tuesday’s instalment sees Grace getting her hands on Warren’s notebook full of his deepest secrets – and she’s convinced she knows the truth about Bart McQueen and where his body is buried! 

Fans know Warren murdered junkie Bart blaming him for killing his beloved sister Katy, and buried the body in Amy Barnes’s grave on the day of her funeral. Sienna and Warren’s son Joel Dexter are all in on the sick secret, but if Grace has cottoned on then Foxy is in serious trouble.

Meanwhile, Sienna is oblivious to Warren’s cheating and confides in therapist Farrah Maalik about how she wishes her fiance would be more open about his feelings. Though she’d regret it if he came clean about the fact their engagement is a big old lie and he’s only with her until their twins are born so he can swipe them away and get full custody… 

With Sienna and Warren already caught in a complicated wicked web of deceit and double bluff, throwing an affair with Grace Black into the mix makes the situation even more explosive. 

How would Sienna react if she found out about the infidelity after everything they’ve been through? What would she do to Grace? And does Grace really know what happened to Bart? What will Warren do to Grace to silence her – kill her and bung her in Amy’s grave? It could get pretty crowded in there…

Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.