Hollyoaks: rapist Nick Savage is sentenced next week

Dramatic scenes ahead as the sexual consent story takes centre stage


Hollyoaks’ much-discussed sexual consent storyline is back in focus next week when Nick Savage is sentenced for raping Holly Cunningham. 


Holly’s mum Cindy hears from partner Dirk Savage in Tuesday’s E4 episode that his nephew Nick’s sentencing is scheduled for the following day. Fearing for her fragile daughter’s state of mind, sensitive Cindy decides to keep the news from Holly as they enjoy some mother/daughter bonding time.

Unfortunately it backfires as the next day (next Thursday’s E4 showing) when Holly discovers her ex-boyfriend is due to be sentenced and lashes out at Cindy and Dirk for not telling her. 

Holly heads to court for the hearing along with Ellie Nightingale, another of Nick’s victims, and a furious showdown ensues.

Seeing Nick with Tegan Lomax outside the court, Holly flies into a rage at the pair. Accusing Nick of trying to charm his way out of trouble, and angry with Tegan for standing by him, Holly has to be physically held back by DS Armstrong.

As it transpires, Armstrong has his own agenda for helping Holly as he’s currying favour with the Cunninghams so he can be their lodger and get close to new obsession Cindy – you can read more about that in our interview with Andrew Hayden-Smith here.

Back in the courtroom, Nick awaits to hear his sentencing. What will it be? Can this bring any closure for Holly and Ellie? Will they be able to move on from their ordeal? And is this the last we’ve seen of Nick in the village?  


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.