Hollyoaks: Lily Drinkwell reveals her scars from the car crash

The teen faces the fallout of the accident that could leave permanently scarred


Emotions run high in Hollyoaks this coming week for Lily Drinkwell as she faces the possibility the recent car crash she was involved in could leave her scarred for life.


In Friday’s E4 episode, the traumatised teen prepares for a hospital appointment and is fearful that the scars from the logs that crashed through the windscreen and almost killed her in last month’s smash could be permanent.

As she attends her checkup in Tuesday’s E4 showing, Lily is full of trepidation as she awaits the doctor’s diagnosis as to the severity of her scarring.

Already freaked out by the accident caused by estranged boyfriend Prince McQueen’s erratic driving, Lily’s future looks uncertain as she musters all her bravery to face what’s in store… 

But there’s more drama within the Drinkwell clan as it’s revealed in Monday’s E4 episode that her cousin Scott has attempted to take his own life.

Scott’s manic behaviour later in the week when he tries to sneak out of hospital gives everyone serious cause for concern. As Scott’s meltdown puts the family under pressure, how will Lily cope in light of her own issues around the scarring and recovery from the accident?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.