Hollyoaks: Warren sleeps with Grace! Tamara Wall reveals shock twist in our interview

Just when you thought Warren and Sienna couldn’t get any more complicated


It’s been a whirlwind week for Hollyoaks’ Warren Fox and Sienna Blake, and after bucketloads of betrayal, backstabbing and double crossing the unpredictable pair have ended up engaged – only it’s all a scam on Warren’s part as he still plans to take his twins from their mixed-up mother the minute they’re born.


But prepare yourselves for yet another twist in their complicated relatioinship as Foxy is about to embark on an affair with arch rival Grace Black.

In tonight’s E4 episode a gang of thugs storms the Loft and take Warren and Grace hostage. As conflict turns to passion for the pair they end up sleeping together, but is this a one-off expulsion of sexual tension or the start of a full-on furtive relationship? As Tamara Wall explains, Grace has still got a grudge against Sienna – and may have found the perfect way to get revenge…

How does the raid at the Loft come about?

Warren gives Grace a stern warning in the village to leave the Loft alone after he sees her meddling with Goldie. But Grace doesn’t do what she’s told, so when she later confronts Warren at the club two thugs turn up and handcuff Grace and Warren and demand to know information about Bart McQueen. Luckily they manage to escape but the tension between them is building and they end up sleeping together!

Does Grace actually fancy Warren?

I don’t think that she fancies him. Her whole life at the moment is about getting her club back so she is literally doing anything she can to make that happen. As well as that, she also still has her grudge with Sienna over Trevor so she’s always figuring out ways to get one over on her too – she’s killing two birds with one stone.

Has Grace got a plan to get The Loft back?

Yes. She thinks of a different plan every day! So far it hasn’t worked out but I hope she eventually comes up with something brilliant and she gets revenge on Warren.

Elsewhere, Darcy Wilde is seducing Grace’s brother Jesse, how do you think Grace will react if she knew?

It’s a tricky one because obviously it’s very clear Grace isn’t Darcy’s number one fan and she’s seen the way she manipulates Adam. But on the other hand, she just wants Jesse to be happy. He hasn’t really had anyone since Celine so it would be nice, but Grace definitely didn’t have Darcy in mind as the next girl for him!

What’s going on in Grace’s love life since Esther?

You tell me! Her love life is always complicated, I think she will always love Esther because of Curtis and maybe one day they will end up together, but who knows? 

Do you think Grace would like to be back in Esther’s life?

I think she loves Esther more than anyone so she’d never risk losing her as a friend. But in terms of another romance, I’m really not sure. Grace is always going hot and cold with Esther, and recently Esther has been doing the same to her, so I think it depends on that day!

Is there another character you think would work well as a love interest for Grace?

I really think Grace and Ryan would work well together – actually I think that’s just because Duncan James is my mate! A policeman and a gangster probably isn’t the best combo, but then again Ryan isn’t the most conventional policeman is he? 


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.