Hollyoaks: Warren and Sienna are engaged – but he’s secretly still plotting after her miscarriage lie

It's a double bluff for Foxy and his bride-to-be


Hollyoaks power couple Warren Fox and Sienna Blake are engaged, but don’t get too excited – it’s all part of an elaborate double cross by Warren to play the long game and punish his fiancee for her lies.


Yesterday fans were stunned when pregnant Sienna faked a miscarriage so she could escape the village and stop Warren getting sole custody of their twins, having discovered his secret plan.

Tonight’s emotional E4 episode saw Sienna admit she knows Foxy doesn’t love her and thinks she’s an unfit mother (whatever gave him that idea?) and is plotting against to take their kids, and she declared it was all over. 

Warren tried to explain that, while he had planned on getting custody, he’d changed his mind before the ‘miscarriage’ made him realise how much he loved her and he begged forgiveness. 

Later tracking down Sienna in the village to stop her leaving, Warren got down on one knee and popped the question – Sienna refused and eventually admitted she had made up the miscarriage.

The poisonous pair picked over the bones of their relationship and Warren ended up convincing his other half they’d both done terrible things in the past – but it was time to stop all the crazy games and forgive and forget.

Announcing their engagement in the Loft it was all smiles and drinks on the house for the punters, but suspicious Nancy Osbourne collared Warren and demanded to know what he was playing at.

Turned out Nance – who was with Sienna at the hospital the previous day when she thought she’d lost the babies – had told Foxy about the fake miscarriage earlier, and the proposal was all part of his next plot to play the deceitful Ms Blake   at her own game.

So Warren knows Sienna lied about losing the twins, the ‘engagement’ is all a scam, and he still plans to take the twins away from her as soon as they’re born. Keeping up?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.