Hollyoaks: Sienna Blake in baby scare next week – will she lose her unborn twins?

Even if the twins survive, does she have a future with Warren?


Pregnant Sienna Blake faces her worst nightmare in Hollyoaks next week when she’s rushed to hospital after collapsing in pain and fears she could be losing her unborn twins – as well as discovering a shocking secret about boyfriend Warren Fox that threatens their future as a family. 


In Tuesday’s E4 episode, Sienna is suspicious when she spots Warren with slippery lawyer James Nightingale. Spying her other half surreptitiously stuffing some paperwork in his pocket, the worried Ms Blake later finds it and is stunned to realise Warren is secretly arranging to take the twins away from her as soon as they are born.

Desperate to preserve her happy family, needy Sienna vows to make Warren love her again (makes a change from trying to kill him – she’s clearly a changed woman) and the following day she tries to win Foxy over by turning up at the Loft all glammed up hoping to seduce him.

Warren barely shows an interest and Cindy Cunningham’s presence at the bar doesn’t assist in the passionate mood. But tragedy then strikes after Sienna clashes with Cindy over a stolen bottle of wine and collapses in pain. Initially ignoring Warren’s advice she go to hospital, Sienna later confides in Nancy Osbourne (since when did these two bury the hatchet?) she’s scared she could be losing the babies…

Sienna eventually goes for a scan with Nancy by her side, and thankfully hears two healthy heartbeats on the monitor – her twins are safe.

However, the near-miss makes Sienna realise she’s going to have to fight to keep her children if Warren really is planning on secretly having full custody.

A plan forms in Ms Blake’s mind to regain control in her twisted relationship with her other half – what has she got in mind? Could the vengeful brunette decide to dob Warren in to the police after all for the murder of Bart McQueen?    Anything is possible with Sienna and Warren…


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.