Hollyoaks: Joel and Cleo kiss next week

Will the tormented priest reveal his killer secret as he gives into temptation?


Joel Dexter returns to Hollyoaks this week and finds himself tempted by sins of the flesh and tortured by covering up the murder of Bart McQueen.


Arriving back in this Friday’s E4 episode, jittery Joel reveals to Warren and Sienna he’s been at a religious retreat, having been traumatised by the discovery his dad did away with junkie Bart thinking he was the one responsible for his sister Katy’s death. Not only that, but he buried the body in Amy Barnes’s freshly dug grave…

Nervous that Joel could blow their secret, Warren and Sienna are on edge as the clergyman’s behaviour is shifty to say the least.

Cleo McQueen catches up with the trainee priest but is concerned when he starts acting weirdly and gabbling about seeing Bart. Sharing an intimate moment in church, Joel confides in Cleo that he only feels safe when he’s with her – and leans in for a kiss…

But that Catholic guilt increases and by next Tuesday’s E4 episode, Joel cruelly tells Cleo to stop throwing herself at him, after Warren urges the lovesick Ms McQueen to spend time with his son to take his mind off whatever it is that’s bothering him. Needless to say, Foxy doesn’t bring Cleo up to speed on the fact Joel knows he murdered her cousin and has convinced him to keep quiet…

Of course Joel was actually the one to blame for Katy’s death, not Bart, so Father Dexter is plagued with multiple layers of remorse. How long before he confesses? And what is the state of play with him and Cleo following their kiss?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.