Hollyoaks: has Marnie killed Mac?

Mac has a stroke next week - has the plot to punish him gone too far?


Marnie and James Nightingale’s dastardly plot to fleece Mac gathers pace in next week’s Hollyoaks, but when he ends up in hospital with a stroke have the meddling mother and son taken it too far? 


Desperate to see their plan through of making Mac think he’s losing his mind so he’ll sign over his assets, James pushes minxy mum Marnie to get her husband’s all-important signature on the paperwork.

Forced to ‘come clean’ to Ellie and Alfie when they get suspicious their parents are hiding something, Marnie makes out to the rest of the family that Mac has Alzheimer’s disease. But it all backfires when defiant Mac refuses to sign over power of attorney to his wife, insisting he wants to get a second medical opinion…

Pulling it out of the bag, Marnie puts on a typically emotional performance as she lies to Mac that he did get a second opinion – he just can’t remember. Overcome with stress (and presumably the caffeine tablets Marnie and James have been secretly feeding him) Mac collapses and is rushed to hospital.

Doctors diagnose the poisonous patriarch has had a mini-stroke, and Marnie gets an attack of the guilts and tells James they’ve gone too far – it’s time to end their plan.

But James can’t forget the physical abuse his father subjected him to during his childhood, and is shocked his mum is prepared to overlook Mac’s affair with Lisa and the fact he was responsible for son Nathan’s tragic death.

Events come to a head in Thursday’s E4 episode when doctors start asking awkward questions about what could’ve caused the stroke, and Mac wakes up and doesn’t recognise his own family…

Have Marnie and James caused genuine physical harm to Mac?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.