Hollyoaks: Nick kisses Tegan behind Holly’s back next week

Plus there's new evidence in the rape case - will Holly stand by her boyfriend?


Nick Savage does the dirty on girlfriend Holly Cunningham in next week’s Hollyoaks when he shares a kiss with Tegan Lomax, and the police reveal they have new evidence in the rape case. Will Holly still stand by him if she discovers his betrayal? 


The pressure is mounting on Nick since Ellie Nightingale made an allegation of rape against him, with the village divided about whether he’s guilty or not. On Tuesday the stressed Mr Savage lashes out at cheeky teen Yasmine as he struggles with being the topic of local gossip, and pal and colleague Tegan has to calm his temper.

As Ellie’s boyfriend Freddie Roscoe gives his statement to the police on Wednesday, determined to get Nick sent down for rape, Nick and Tegan share a charged moment – and end up with their lips locked in a passionate embrace.

Meanwhile, Holly is oblivious her man is playing doctors and nurses with Teegs and vows to Alfie she’s going to defend Nick to the police, convinced of his innocence. She even arranges with Lisa to throw Nick a surprise party on the Loveboat to cheer her bloke up – unaware what he’s been up to…

Following their smooch, Tegan is seething when she spies Nick and Holly looking cosy at the Loveboat on Thursday – clearly that kiss didn’t mean much, then. Nick reveals to Holly that the police have new evidence in the rape case – is he going to get officially charged? 

Distracted by what the cops have got on him – and by Freddie’s desperation to see him behind bars by any means necessary – Nick is far from happy with Holly’s surprise party idea and is in no mood for frivolities. Add to this a jealous Tegan turning up at the party and you’ve got a recipe for a potentially explosive scenario in next Friday’s episode… 


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm, with first look on E4 at 7pm.