Hollyoaks: Leela and Zack are nearly caught out next week – will Peri wreck their romance?

Pez thinks Zack fancies her, unaware he's sleeping with her mum!


Hollyoaks’ romance between Leela Lomax and Zack Loveday hits the rocks next week when a misunderstanding leads to Peri thinking Zack’s got a thing for her – not realising the teen is getting it on with her mum! 


On Monday, Zack and Leela’s sexy time is continuously interrupted by her motherly duties to baby Daniel, leaving Zack frustrated and the mood totally killed. The next day, Zack takes a present for Leela round to the Lomax house to apologise – a bracelet with ‘sexy momma’ written on it. Clearly suggestive jewellery is the way to Leela’s heart as the feisty firefighter melts and she and her toy boy are reunited after the brief falling out. This being Hollyoaks, they get their kit off right there on the staircase…

However, they are almost caught in the act by Peri. Luckily their secret fling is safe, but when Peri finds the bracelet with the tag simply saying ‘from Zack’, she gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks the Loveday lad brought it for her!

Bragging to frenemy Yasmine that a cute older guy is totally into her, Yas tells Tom on Wednesday and he confronts a bemused Zack about moving in on Peri.

Zack obviously has no idea what Tom is on about – so will he and Leela be forced to come clean about their clandestine relationship to Peri and the rest of the village? Seeing as no one knows Leela’s baby is actually Zack’s half brother following a one-night stand with his dad Louis, this could get very interesting…


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm, and first look on E4 at 7pm.