Hollyoaks airs Adam Rickitt’s first scenes as newcomer Kyle – here’s what happens next

The ex-Coronation Street star made a big impression in his debut in tonight’s E4 episode


Adam Rickitt made his UK soap comeback in Hollyoaks tonight, with his first scenes shown during E4’s first-look episode.


The ex-Coronation Street star made his debut as newcomer Kyle Kelly, an old flame of Nancy Osborne who is reunited with her at an MS support group meeting where they discover they have both developed the condition since they last saw each other in their teens.

Nancy was reluctant to attend the meeting at first and almost bolted as she peeked through the door, literally bumping into Kyle as she turned around with every intention of going home.

Recognising her ex, the reunited former childhood sweethearts reminisced about old times over a cuppa. Apparently Nancy used to love riding on the back of Kyle’s motorbike and had a penchant for black leather bras – who knew?

Charming, cheeky Kyle revealed he had been diagnosed with MS three years ago, but his upbeat vibe and positive outlook on adapting to life with the condition rubbed off on Nance and he encouraged her to face her fears and stay for the meeting.

Later, Nancy thanked her old friend for his help and there was a definite spark as the pair admitted how pleased they were at getting back in touch. Tellingly, Nancy failed to mention to husband Darren that she’d met her ex-boyfriend at the support group when he asked how it went…

Rickitt, who played Weatherfield’s Nick Tilsley between 1997 and 2004, has hinted that Kyle could cause problems between Nancy and Darren, and in next week’s episodes Nancy finds herself lying to her other half about meeting up with her ex.

Confiding in Courtney, her friend reassures her that she feels a connection to Kyle because of their shared diagnosis, but fans will get the distinct feeling there’s more to it for Nancy. When she eventually does tell Darren about Kyle, she lies he’s married – so Darren invites Kyle and his non-existent wife for lunch!

When Kyle arrives at the Osbornes without a spouse, how will Nancy explain herself to Darren?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and Channel 4 at 6.30pm.