Hollyoaks: Marnie knows about Mac and Lisa’s affair

Preapare for the Nightingales to go nuclear


Hollyoaks’ Marnie Nightingale has discovered the truth about Mac and Lisa’s affair.


The sensational reveal came in tonight’s E4 episode which focused on Nathan’s funeral, and also featured the return of Linda Gray as Tabby Maxwell-Brown.

Struggling to cope with the pain of burying her beloved son, Marnie was gripped by grief and completely went to pieces during the funeral service.

In the church, Mac secretly dragged Lisa into the confession booth where they discussed their torrid affair – unaware Marnie was on the other side and heard every word.

No one other than the cheating couple knows the true circumstances surrounding Nathan’s death – that he caught his father and fiancée in bed together and fell from the window following a tussle in the aftermath of the discovery. Mucky Mac and lusty Lisa have blood on their hands, but have kept quiet about it – until now.


Expect huge repercussions next week now Marnie knows about the betrayal that ultimately led to her son’s demise, but what will the wronged wife do with the information? Will she reveal all and risk her family completely falling apart? Or will she bide her time to get revenge on the pair? We’ll just say this: with Marnie Nightingale, anything is possible…