Hollyoaks: Nathan discovers Lisa and Mac’s affair

Rachel Adedeji reveals it’s time to face the music for lusty Lisa!


Lisa Loveday’s fling with her boyfriend’s dad Mac Nightingale is revealed in explosive fashion tonight in Hollyoaks – with Nathan discovering the truth just seconds after proposing to his other half.


Mac and Lisa have been conducting their illicit affair since November, with their first liaison in the pub cellar (as classy as it sounds) initially dismissed as a one off. But the lusty pair have been unable to keep their hands off each other, and Lisa has been juggling both Nightingale men for months.

In tonight’s E4 first-look episode, Nathan catches his new fiancée and father in a very compromising position. Safe to say, he doesn’t take it very well… “Nathan’s reaction is definitely not what Lisa expects,” reveals Hollyoaks star Rachel Adedeji. “Before Lisa can say anything or try to explain herself it ends in a lot of tears and drama. It’s very explosive and something you definitely need to see!”

Nice guy Nathan is every girl’s dream, which begs the question: why did she cheat on him in the first place? “Nathan is so sweet and such a nice guy and anything you could want in a man, but it’s almost like Lisa feels he’s too good for her,” continues Adedeji. “With Mac it’s always been just lust, they both like the thrill it. Every time she’s been with Mac she feels guilt after it. But she keeps going back, so he’s obviously doing something right!”

In true soap fashion, the big reveal comes in the same episode where Nathan proposes – does the proposal itself come as a shock to Lisa? “Yes. She feels really guilty about the way she’s treated him and doesn’t deserve somebody to put a ring on it! She’s also starting to feel she doesn’t belong in the Nightingale family because of what she’s done.”

Even without Lisa’s dalliance with Nathan’s dad, another threat to their relationship is looming in the shape of Cleo McQueen – does Adedeji think Nathan would be better off with Lisa’s love rival? “Personally yes, I prefer Nathan with Cleo because I think they work better. Lisa has long been threatened by their closeness and knows they are more compatible, so there is jealousy there, but Lisa likes to feel in control and that’s partly what drives her to Mac – it’s a situation she feels she has control over.”

Thrown into the mix of tonight’s reveal is the fact Cleo has decided to finally declare her true feelings for Nathan and tell him she wants them to be together. With Nathan on the verge of discovering this enormous betrayal, the timing couldn’t be better for Cleo…

The fallout of Lisa and Mac’s affair is set to dominate Hollyoaks over the coming weeks, but Adedeji is coy as to whether any other characters will learn the truth. “She doesn’t want anyone else knowing – Lisa is a very sassy, strong character but deep down she’s actually a vulnerable little girl so I think she’d be heartbroken and feel hated by the whole world. So let’s just hope nobody else ever does find out…”

The former X Factor contestant has her own theories on where the juicy plot could go next: “It would be great to have more Lovedays around. Maybe a baby for Lisa? Oh my god that would be a great story if she got pregnant, who would be the father, Mac or Nathan? Just putting it out there!”


The sensational reveal airs tonight on E4 at 7pm.