Hollyoaks: Pete goes on trial, Reenie disappears – plus Maxine has big news

27 June-1 July 2016: And Alfie makes a heartbreaking confession to Jade


Monday 27 June


The McQueens prepare for Pete’s trial but Cleo feels lets down when Reenie goes missing. Everyone is desperate for Cleo to tell the court what Pete did to her. Pete watches as Cleo’s video statement is played, while Reenie is about to prove everyone right and get drunk at The Dog.

Despite his feelings towards Cleo, Nathan offers to go with Holly to court. Reenie arrives just as Cleo’s about to go into the court oom and it seems like she’s convinced her daughter to do the right thing, but Celine’s not sure Cleo will take their advice.

After an argument with Mercedes, John Paul realises he can’t be with his family today – he’d only make things more tense. Scott tries to cheer him up and tells John Paul he loves him. Cleo is facing tough interrogation from the defence and when her honesty is put in question they ask whether she was driving the night Rachel died.

Tuesday 28 June

Cleo packs her bags, while the rest of the family hear from Porsche. Elsewhere, Nancy is preparing Jade to give evidence against Pete. The court hears evidence from Harry, Jade and Celine and Pete is starting to get nervous. Later, Reenie takes to the stand…

Alfie goes to see Jade after her day in court and tells her that he can’t be more than her friend because he doesn’t want her to be heartbroken when he dies like Nathan is about Rachel.

Wednesday 29 June

Reenie gives Mercedes food for thought when she mentions emails from Pete to ‘Mary’ and something about a children’s book. Mercedes and Celine tear Cleo’s room apart to find a clue

Meanwhile, Pete is on the stand being questioned by both sides and putting on the performance of his life. Celine and Mercedes walk into the courtroom with an usher but have they found anything? Cleo is called back to the stand.

Thursday 30 June

James is shocked when he bumps into his former lover, Carter, who is setting up a new law firm. Carter invites James for lunch with him and his girlfriend, Lara.

James sees John Paul walking through the village with Scott and is struck with an idea. John Paul pales when he gets a message from James asking him to pretend to be his boyfriend at lunch with Carter and Lara. He agrees but has to lie to Scott.

Nancy’s opinion of Adam Donovan is redeemed when he finds missing Oscar and she discovers he can speak sign language.

Friday 1 July

Nancy continues to admire Adam, much to Darren’s annoyance and invites him to a welcome home dinner for Maxine. Maxine arrives, looking incredible after her holiday, but she has some news…

Liam and Jesse have told Grace that The Loft is thriving with them in charge, but worried how she’ll react when she discovers the truth, they decide to steal The Dog’s new promotion idea to make some money.


Meanwhile, Joanne is intrigued when she hears about the vacancy at Carter’s law firm. James is distracted by seeing Joanne and Carter together.