Hollyoaks: Sally pushes Myra down the stairs? Plus Peri gets revenge on Jade

And Reenie makes a return in time for the trial


Monday 20 June


John Paul pales when he realises he’s missed Father’s Day so Scott promises to help him make it up to Sally. Sally and Myra argue at the school and Myra ends up tumbling down the stairs and landing at John Paul’s feet, but did she fall or was she pushed?

Nancy and Darren are still determined to stop Maxine dating Adam in case she tells him about Patrick. They later suggest that Maxine should take a holiday.

The Nightingales rally round Alfie as he prepares to hear what the next steps are in his treatment.

Fed up of being Marnie’s minions, Diane and Tony try to put their stamp on Nightingale’s. Diane tells Marnie to be more compassionate towards her and Tony, or she’ll reveal all about her and Freddie.

Tuesday 21 June

The McQueens wait by Myra’s bedside. Mercedes is determined to find out the truth about what happened, while John Paul takes Sally’s side.

At school, Jade wants answers about why Alfie dumped her and Sally is arrested. John Paul asks James for legal advice and offers to pay him, but James wants something other than John Paul’s money… Tom is floored when Jade asks him out. Tony is suspicious about what power Diane has over Marnie.

Wednesday 22 June

James warns John Paul that there’s a chance Sally could go to prison unless they find a witness to back up her story.

Celine reveals that Myra needs an operation on her lower back. Peri finds out about Tom and Jade and is heartbroken and tells Tom that she still loves him. She vandalises Jade’s locker in a rage but is caught by John Paul.

Marnie is reaching the end of her tether with Diane and Tony who continue to take advantage.

Thursday 23 June

Reenie returns to an empty McQueen house. Mercedes and Celine are delighted to see Reenie when they get home, but Cleo keeps her distance. Scott is on Cloud 9 after his first time sleeping with John Paul.

At school, Alfie is frantically trying to clean the graffiti off Jade’s locker and Tom can tell that Jade still likes him. 

Marnie urges Freddie to talk to Diane but Diane just steps up her game against Marnie.

Friday 24 June

Cleo is asked to go to the police station to be prepped for Pete’s trial. Celine tells Reenie that she tried to kill Pete and furious Reenie decides to deal with Pete in her own way.

Reenie meets Pete for a drink and tries to trick him into a confession. Diane and Tony are stunned when they get a call about a job in France. Mr Sheffield arrives at Tony’s flat to interview them.


Nathan goes on a date with Holly, but the moment is ruined when he gets a call from Rachel’s parents about her gravestone. He prepares to tell them about Rachel’s affair.