Hollyoaks: Lisa and Sonia fight – and will Cleo be found guilty in court?

Plus Liam and Jesse arrive with plans for Grace


Monday 30 May


It’s the day of Cleo’s trial for ‘killing’ Rachel, and Celine and Myra notice the tension between her and Holly, while Nathan is desperate for justice. Later, Cleo panics outside the court house. Cleo emails Pete on their secret account and later calls him, but the number has been disconnected. At The Dog, Holly and Nathan have a movie night.

Maxine is nervous when DS Thorpe turns up at the door. Meanwhile, Thorpe discovers the report Jason did about Maxine ‘neglecting’ Patrick and his suspicions are raised.

Grace is annoyed when her half-brothers, Liam and Jesse turn up at the front door – thanks to Esther. She wants them gone but they decide to give her a hair makeover instead. When they’re finished, Grace can’t help but be impressed but she’s suspicious about why they’ve really come to visit.

Tuesday 31 May

Cindy is desperate to get Dirk back and offers to help out at The Emporium selling fake designer handbags. However, when Simone demands a refund for the one she bought Lisa and they refuse, they fear they might be in trouble with the authorities.

Sonia is trying to be positive but she’s missing Zack and worrying about Jade. Meanwhile, Lisa is given food for thought when Ellie tells her that Simone invested in the Tugboat.

Meanwhile, Marnie wants to help her son move on with his life.Maxine tells Darren about DS Thorpe’s visit. DS Thorpe wants more information on Maxine and decides to bend Jack’s ear. They get drunk reminiscing about life in the force but Darren is worried that Jack will tell DS Thorpe too much about their turbulent history with Patrick.

Wednesday 1 June

Zack’s loyalty is torn between Sonia and Lisa. Sonia bumps into Jesse and is charmed by the newcomer. Jade spots them and warns Zack. Cindy is alarmed when Holly tells her someone from the consumer institute is on their way to The Emporium. 

Thursday 2 June

Tony prepares for a job interview. Sonia knows when she’s beaten and Lisa smiles as her rival is forced to leave The Bean under Simone’s glare. Lisa swipes the keys to Price Slice. Sonia spots Lisa trashing the shop – they fight.

Tom buys cinema tickets for him and Jade and Darren suspects that he might have a crush. Jade realises what Tom’s up to and gives her ticket to Peri. 

Friday 3 June

Lisa tells Sonia that she won’t stop tormenting her until she leaves the village.

Harry asks James to give Tony a job at the new restaurant, but James wants Harry to sleep with him again in return. Meanwhile, Ste finds out that Harry has lied about his whereabouts when he spots him with James.


Ellie and Marnie sweep Holly away for a pamper day. Nathan thanks Holly for helping him move onJade thinks Tom still wants to be with Peri so her and Alfie decide to set them up. Tom records a romantic video for Peri.