Hollyoaks: Lindsey goes into labour – plus Cleo tries to run away with Pete

16-20 May 2016: And John Paul proposes to Scott


Monday 16 May


Mercedes sells some fake Britney Spears boots to Scott online and decides to spend the profits on a party. However, Scott is furious that he’s been duped. Mercedes is frustrated when Joe leaves her holding the baby at her party.

When Cleo gets good test results, she asks Pete if they can wait a few weeks before leaving so she can sit her A Levels. He’s furious, leaving Cleo conflicted between her heart and her head.

Kim reveals her fears to Silas who tries to reassure her but later recalls everything to Lindsey. Silas and Lindsey break in to the Roscoes’ to get Mercedes, but she’s not there. Furious, Silas tells Lindsey he wants to work alone but her waters break. Silas takes Lindsey to the garage and when Mercedes rings Joe’s phone that he’s left behind, Lindsey sees this as an opportunity for them to lure her in and get what they want.

Tuesday 17 May

Lindsey calls Kim who rushes to the garage. Kim rings Celine and Tegan to meet her at the hospital and sneaks in with Lindsey. Meanwhile, Joe makes up with Mercedes. He and Freddie go to the garage to get Joe’s phone but, using a ‘where’s my phone’ app, discover that it’s in the closed emergency ward at the hospital and head over there.

Elsewhere, Mercedes is terrified by a visitor at the Roscoes’. And Cleo goes to the Space Ball but Pete continuously rings her, while Myra is having a whale of a time at the ball. 

Wednesday 18 May

Silas and a petrified Mercedes play chess. He spots a necklace around her neck, prompting her to tell him about baby Gabriel. Elsewhere, Scott proposes to John Paul.

Thursday 19 May

Freddie is not ready to take on the responsibility of being a dad. Myra and Sally are locked in a war of words about John Paul.

Cleo’s decided to go away with Pete. Holly finds the travel tickets and passports and shuts them in her locker, while Pete orders Cleo to get them back. Nathan sees this conversation and races to the school to warn Holly. When they get to Holly’s locker, Cleo has already prised it open. Cleo runs to Pete’s van with Holly, Nathan and John Paul tailing her. John Paul goes for Pete but Pete punches him to the floor.

Friday 20 May


Tony gets a poison pen letter and comes clean to Ste, worried about Harry’s whereabouts. Esther comforts Kim when her parents don’t want anything more to do with her.