Hollyoaks: Zak and fake Lisa get passionate – plus will Trevor run away with Sienna?

11-15 April 2016: And the police send Maxine into a panic


Monday 11 April


Trevor demands that Ste and Harry start paying their way so Grace suggests they do some shifts at the club. Sienna tells Trevor that she’s going to get a confession out of Nico today.

Worried that Sienna has remembered everything, Nico tells Ben she thinks Sienna is sick again and needs professional help. Meanwhile, Trevor throws Ste and Harry out of the flat for unplugging the water pump in his fish tank – they’re homeless again. At the hospital, Sienna is concerned by a stranger sat with Nico and Ben.

Kim blames herself for letting Lindsey flee.Zack encourages Louis to keep fighting for his marriage. However, when Louis books a romantic getaway, Simone thinks he’s booked it for him and Joanne. After a heart to heart with Jack, Simone agrees to give Louis another chance. They head off to the fancy hotel, while Lisa and Zack have the flat to themselves. However, when their parents head back to the flat after forgetting something, they’re horrified to see half naked Lisa and Zack kissing on the sofa…

Tuesday 12 April

Zack is forced to tell his parents that ‘Lisa’ isn’t his sister. He urges his parents to speak to Sonia (fake Lisa) before they call the police. Meanwhile, Jade is appalled when Sonia asks her to run away with her now that she’s got no one else. Joanne has just got off the phone to her private detective who has told her where to find Margaret – the woman who abducted Lisa. Simone, Louis and Zack find Sonia at the Boarding House with Jade and want more information about Lisa. She admits that Lisa is still alive. Sonia goes to see Joanne and begs her to tell the Lovedays that she knows Margaret.

Ste swipes a spare set of keys from Grace and Trevor’s flat. He and Harry set up a home gym and whip up some healthy smoothies for Grace, who is worried that she’s let herself go. They call Grace to come home and tempt her with the offer of a free personal trainer (Harry) and chef (Ste) if she lets them stay.

Ben questions whether Sienna wants to marry him at all. At The Loft, Sienna admits that she doesn’t want to marry Ben and wants to be with Trevor. They kiss and go into the office but Grace isn’t far behind. Sienna then asks Trevor to run away with her.

Wednesday 13 April

Sienna and Trevor prepare to leave with Curtis but when Nico reveals to Sienna that Ben didn’t come home last night, she worries that she can’t leave Nico alone. Sienna packs a bag and lies that she’s going to the gym when Nico questions her. Just as Nico is getting aggressive, Ben returns and promises not to leave Nico alone again. Relieved, Sienna makes her excuses and leaves the flat – for the last time?

Grace is confused when she discovers Trevor has cleaned out the safe. Trevor meets Sienna at The Dog car park. Elsewhere, Ste and Harry break into The Hutch to sleep for the night, but they’re being watched by James Nightingale. Louis, Simone and DS Thorpe turn up to interrogate Joanne. 

Thursday 14 April

Ste and Harry exit The Hutch early morning and bump into James. James threatens to tell Tony unless they can come to another arrangement… Harry surprises Ste with a place to stay, but Ste is underwhelmed that it’s just a shack with some fairy lights and an electricity generator. He eventually gets excited and agrees to stay there, but James is watching with a smirk – what does he want with Ste and Harry?

Maxine is haunted when she finds Patrick’s wedding speech for Sienna that Ben had been keeping safe. Elsewhere, Maxine has got drunk at The Dog leaving Neeta concerned. Darren arrives to get her and when she hints at their secret to Tegan and Neeta, he drags her away. However, she slips and hurts her hand. At the hospital, Maxine and Darren talk about Patrick but someone has heard them.Joanne meets Margaret, who asks her for money so she and Lisa can get away.

Friday 15 April

Nancy is horrified that someone has heard Maxine and Darren’s conversation about Patrick, and agrees to help Darren find out who it was. Neeta invites the Osbornes, apart from Darren, over for lunch. Esther is confused by Neeta’s sudden dislike for Darren – is she the one who overheard him and Maxine? Maxine, Darren and Nancy panic when a police car pulls up outside The Dog. And pretty soon, the pair are getting a threatening voicemail demanding money.


Freddie and Ellie are still pining over each other but Marnie is determined to keep them apart. When Mac realises how much Freddie cares for Ellie, he encourages him to fight for her.