Next week on Hollyoaks: Robbie and Jason are leaving, Grace’s brother Liam arrives – and a car explodes, but who’s inside?

28 March-1 April 2016: And is Lindsey about to be exposed as a serial killer?


Monday 28 March


Rachel is packing her bags and begs Nathan to listen to her side of the story. He can’t forgive her and tells her to go travelling alone.

At the hospital, Tegan and Celine ogle patient Liam who is snogging another woman in reception and has been admitted after burning his bum on a pair of hair straighteners. They both rush to treat him. Cleo turns up and tells Celine she’s got a date for Pete’s trial. Celine chooses a night with her sister over Liam.

Robbie tells his brothers that he’s leaving for good, while Jason and Holly set things straight. Cleo can see Holly’s upset and suggests a night out at The Loft with her, Celine and Tegan. Meanwhile, the brothers are surprised when Jason announces that he’s leaving too. They play one last game of football before Robbie and Jason leave in a taxi. 

Elsewhere, Celine, Tegan, Holly and Cleo are at The Loft when Liam arrives. Holly gets a call from Jason telling her that he and Robbie are leaving and she needs to get to the airport if she wants to stop Robbie. Unaware that Holly has been drinking, Cleo encourages her to drive to the airport. Both girls jump into Holly’s car and race off to find Robbie.  With Tegan being sick outside and Holly and Cleo now gone, Celine makes her own fun with Liam.

Jason and Robbie hear the last call for their flight and head to the departure gate, just as Holly arrives – will she stop them? Driving home from the airport, Holly loses control of the car but whose lives is she putting in danger?

Tuesday 29 March

The emergency services arrive as a car explodes – but whose car was it and who was inside?

Tegan is confused when she returns from being sick and Celine has gone. Meanwhile, Celine and Liam are snogging in the hot tub. Celine feels guilty when she gets a worried voicemail from Tegan and leaves Liam on his own. He’s not alone for long when he bumps into Tegan and goes back to the Lomaxes’…

Wednesday 30 March

Freddie turns up at The Dog to ask Ellie on a date but she’s not interested. Alfie prepares for his first chemo session by making a vlog and gives Ellie food for thought when he tells her she should give Freddie a chance.

Meanwhile, Marnie tries to kiss Mac but he rejects her. Alfie is at hospital for his first chemo session and Jade tells him her tumours are still there and she’s starting a more aggressive cycle of chemo. Freddie is intrigued by Marnie when he bumps into her at The Loft. Ellie realises that she does want to go out with Freddie and leaves a voicemail on his phone.

Liam has gone by the time Tegan wakes up. She’s suspicious about where Celine disappeared to last night. Celine and Tegan find out that Liam walked them both home last night.

Thursday 31 March

Lindsey is concerned when Esther tells her about her visits to Kim and Kath. Esther goes to visit Kim again and questions whether she is guilty. She’s confused when Kim denies everything and tells her Lindsey will get her out of prison.

Ellie is put out that Freddie hasn’t replied to her voicemail. Ellie texts Freddie to tell him she’s coming round in ten minutes. However, when Freddie arrives to meet Ellie at The Loft, Marnie is there and introduces herself to Freddie as Ellie’s mother. Marnie advises Ellie not to trust Freddie, but why?

Celine and Tegan continue to squabble over Liam. Lindsey puts both their name badges in a bag and pulls out Celine’s name – she gets to go on a date with Liam. Later, Grace is stunned to see Liam in the village – he’s her brother! Grace gives him money to leave and he does – standing up Celine in the process.

Friday 1 April

Mercedes arrives back in the village and immediately sees Joe and Lindsey looking loved up. Lindsey worries when Joe finds out about a home visit from the midwife and she goes to visit Kim. Kim is scared that the stress Lindsey’s under will cause her to do something bad. Meanwhile, Esther asks for Celine and Tegan’s help to get Kim moved to an open prison by getting a petition signed.

Celine turns up at the Roscoes’ pretending to be on sabbatical as a midwife. She tells Lindsey that Kim said she needed help but she doesn’t know any more than that. Joe is convinced by Celine’s act but when Mercedes turns up and sees her cousin posing as a midwife plus Lindsey’s huge bump, she wants answers.

She’s shocked when she catches a glimpse of sinister Lindsey and confides in Esther. Esther tells Mercedes about the earring that was dropped where she was attacked. They’re both stunned when they look up at the poster of Lindsey outside the hospital and realise that she’s wearing the same earrings – have they just discovered that Lindsey is the serial killer?


Freddie arrives to take Ellie on another date and Marnie gives him food for thought, but what does she have on him?